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9 Techniques to Build Cloud-Native, Geo-Distributed SQL Apps with Low Latency

Enterprises are increasingly moving to cloud native applications and are deploying them across multi-zones, multi-regions, and/or multi-clouds. Using geo-distributed SQL (vs a traditional RDBMS) requires data to be stored in multiple nodes. Latency now becomes a top concern in multi-region and/or multi-cloud clusters because a high-latency WAN now comes into the picture. Not with YugabyteDB. Learn 9 techniques for reducing multi-region WAN latency in cloud native, geo-distributed SQL applications. Read the blog post.

Spanning the Globe without Google Spanner: Open Source Geo-Distributed Relational Database on Multi-Cluster Kubernetes

Learn how a Spanner-like globally-consistent multi-region deployment of YugabyteDB can run on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and other Kubernetes distributions and managed services (including Amazon EKS and Azure Kubernetes Service). Read the blog post.

Top 5 Considerations for Running Stateful Apps on Kubernetes

Containers are great for running stateless applications, but what about stateful applications powered by databases? In general, leveraging Kubernetes for stateful apps involves 5 essential considerations for developers and devops engineers. Watch the video.

Getting Started with YugabyteDB and GraphQL on Kubernetes

See how easy it is to get started with Hasura GraphQL and Distributed SQL on Kubernetes and perform basic CRUD operations. Watch the video.

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In addition to the resources above, you can find the full collection of cloud native related content on our Distributed SQL blog and on Vimeo.


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