New DZone Trend Report:

The Database Evolution

SQL or NoSQL in the Age of Big Data

As modern applications and workloads evolve, so too to the databases that support them. It comes as no surprise then that nearly 60% of enterprises are planning to use both SQL and NoSQL databases to support their big data efforts, with an additional 1 in 5 respondents looking into SQL databases only.

A new trend report by DZone dives into real-world usage of SQL and NoSQL databases for big data efforts across a variety of organizations, and which database types those organizations plan to invest in with more resources over the next 12-24 months.

What you’ll get inside:

  • Dive straight into the research findings from DZone and their survey of 400+ experts across a variety of organizations
  • See how SQL and a hybrid of SQL and NoSQL are emerging as trends in the enterprise
  • Learn how organizations using SQL and a hybrid of SQL and NoSQL databases rate themselves in terms of ability to leverage their big data (hint: it’s moderate, good, or very good)
  • Walk away with a solid understanding of using the right database for the job, and the trend that database platforms (like YugabyteDB) are capable of handling both SQL and NoSQL workloads at the same time


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