YugaByte DB + Google Cloud

A Cloud Native, Transactional Database
for Globally Distributed Apps

ACID Transactions with NoSQL & SQL APIs

Deploy Across Google Cloud Zones and Regions

Get Transactional Cassandra, Scale-out Redis & Distributed PostgreSQL
at Google Cloud Scale

Decentralized Data Management for Microservices
  • YugaByte DB is a multi-API/multi-model database with an internal architecture inspired by Google Spanner.

  • Lower latency than Google Spanner and higher correctness than Google BigTable/Datastore, both at lower cost and no cloud lock-in.

  • Deploy and scale horizontally on Google Cloud with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Google Compute Engine (GCE).

  • Tunable read consistency and region-aware replication to power low latency apps at global scale.

  • Self-healing decentralized design that is resilient to failures at any infrastructure layer.

  • Prometheus-powered instrumentation and monitoring.

Power Fast-Growing Online Services
with Unmatched Developer Efficiency

YugaByte DB Management UI
Distributed ACID Transactions
Distributed ACID Transactions
Distributed ACID Transactions
Low Latency &
High Throughput
Distributed ACID Transactions
Global Data Distribution
Distributed ACID Transactions
Cassandra, Redis, and PostgreSQL Compatible APIs
Distributed ACID Transactions
Container and
Multi-Cloud Native
Distributed ACID Transactions
Apache 2.0 Open Source

YugaByte DB + Google Cloud

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