New Retail Era: 5 Ways to Grow with a Modern Data Layer

Retail and grocery organizations are facing a generational inflection point due to new buying dynamics and a wave of competition from digital-first retailers. In response, successful retailers are doubling down on their digital transformation initiatives.

In speaking with our retail customers, there are three key priorities that seem to be top of mind for all retail organizations:

  • Enhancing customer (and employee) experiences through rapid innovation
  • Expanding profitability with efficient and automated systems
  • Increasing flexibility in their data layer to respond to future business needs

In this eBook, we explore five key priorities that are top of mind for retail executives and how the right digital transformation investments are helping them deliver on those priorities. We look at specific examples of how world class retailers — from Kroger to Narvar to a Top 5 Global Retailer — use a modern data layer to power a flexible growth engine for their business.