The value of cloud native applications is no longer in question. Cloud native application architectures let you make highly available, massively scalable, globally distributed applications. Legacy application architectures struggle with this. The issue now is a practical one – how do you build good cloud native applications?

O’Reilly’s technical ebook, Design Patterns for Cloud Native Applications, helps with this. It is a practical guide for developers detailing the most commonly used cloud native design patterns. You will learn how to build cloud native applications using APIs, data, events, and streams in both greenfield and brownfield development.

You will learn:

  • * What cloud native means and how you can methodically build cloud native apps
  • * Leading data management patterns, covering data architecture, types and forms of data, and data stores
  • * Testing, security, observability and monitoring, and DevOps best practices for cloud native apps
  • * How to apply design patterns to build a real world cloud native application – an online retail system

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