Planet-Scale SQL

YugabyteDB is the open source, high-performance, distributed SQL database for building global, internet-scale apps.
Use Cases for Planet-Scale SQL
Retail & E-Commerce

Delight customers with consistent product catalogs. Increase sales with real-time user personalization. Keep infrastructure costs low through dynamic scaling.

Financial Services

Rock solid reliability and performance for powering mission-critical applications responsible for customer, order and transaction system-of-record data.

Online Gaming

Store player profiles and leaderboards at global scale. Low latency and high throughput data access to build desktop-like experiences for online games.

Why YugabyteDB for Planet-Scale SQL?
PostgreSQL Compatible
  • Wire compatible with PostgreSQL
  • Sub-millisecond read latency
  • Massive write scalability
Distributed ACID
  • Multi-shard transactions
  • Strongly consistent replication
  • Extreme fault tolerance
  • Global data distribution
  • Auto sharding & rebalancing
  • Fast read replicas for remote regions
  • AWS, GCP, Azure, Pivotal
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Private data centers
Open Source
  • Apache 2.0 license
  • No database vendor lock-in
  • 1-click upgrade to Enterprise
  • Spring microservices
  • Apache Kafka & KSQL streaming
  • Apache Spark analytics
How does YugabyteDB compare?
vs PostgreSQL
  • Linear write scalability
  • Self-healing fault tolerance
  • Single-digit millisecond latency
  • Distributed ACID transactions
  • Multi-TB data density
vs Google Spanner
  • PostgreSQL compatibility
  • No cloud lock-in
  • 10x more cost effective
  • Better for internet-scale OLTP
  • Multi-TB data density
vs CockroachDB
  • Higher throughput & lower latency
  • Tunable read latency
  • Read replicas for remote regions
  • Better for internet-scale OLTP
  • Multi-TB data density