YugaByte Community Edition

Open source, mission-critical DB for the cloud-native era; released under Apache 2.0 license

Built ground-up as the stateful complement to containers


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… and more

Enterprise Edition
YugaByte DB

Open API
Tunable consistency
Polyglot persistence
Data fabric
Hybrid cloud

Mature ecosystems

  • Develop user-facing apps with popular microservice frameworks
  • Integrated with Apache Spark for real-time analytics and Apache Kafka for distributed streaming

Popular APIs

  • Wire-compatible with client drivers of multiple popular APIs
  • Port existing apps with minimal effort
  • Rapid developer productivity driven by mature ecosystems

Tunable read consistency

  • Powered by sync replication to serve correct, always-on reads
  • Multiple consistency options based app's data model and geo-distribution
  • 3x read throughput than traditional NoSQL by avoiding quorum at read time

Polyglot persistence

  • Unified platform for common data models
  • Extend with open source frameworks such those for time series, graph, AWS S3-compatible object stores

Scale-out, transactional data fabric

  • Strong write consistency of SQL combined with high availability of NoSQL
  • Consistent & Partition-tolerant (CP) with high availability
  • Automatic sharding and rebalancing
  • Written in C++ with LSM storage engine and Raft consensus replication

Cloud-native operational simplicity

  • Deploy on public clouds or on-premises without the fear of lock-in
  • Integrate with your datacenter or container orchestration tool of choice

Cloud-native app development and operations simplified

Developer console

Develop geo-distributed microservices with ease

  • Deliver timeline-consistent and low-latency reads by keeping data geographically close to your microservices
  • Protect your app from dirty data by ensuring zero data loss writes
  • Automate sharding and rebalancing for growing data volume
  • Leverage popular APIs and their mature ecosystems
  • Increase productivity through ACID transactions (including secondary indexes) and an integrated, transparent cache
  • Extend the platform with open source data infrastructure such as kairosdb (time series), elassandra (full-text search), janusgraph (graph), pithos (AWS S3-compatible store)

Operate with unparalleled flexibility on any cloud

  • Use as the mission-critical, stateful complement to your stateless microservices
  • Get started in minutes on any public/private cloud or Docker platform
  • Fast and reliable scale out/in for the first time in operational databases
  • Avoid lock-in by changing hardware, availability zones, datacenters and even clouds anytime and with zero downtime
  • Achieve zero downtime schema changes and rolling upgrades even at global scale
  • Easily handle unbounded or spiky workloads (such as time series & IoT) while ensuring cost-efficiency
Hybrid cloud