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Community Edition
Best choice for startups with strong DevOps expertise

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Enterprise Edition
Purpose-built for enterprises needing fast time-to-market

YugaByte DB
Linear scaling of reads and writes across multi-regions. High availability under any infrastructure failure. Built on a highly reliable LSM storage engine and Raft distributed consensus replication. Written ground-up in C++ for low latency and high throughput.
Zero data loss writes with single row and distributed ACID transactions. Always-on, low-latency, strong reads. Powered by sync replication.
Popular APIs extended for development agility. Port existing apps fast.
Basic Security
Including internal authentication, authorization and data-in-motion encryption. Ready for storing sensitive, mission-critical data without fear of compromise.
Plug into your existing DevOps toolchain. E.g. orchestrate clusters with Kubernetes/Chef, monitor/alert via Prometheus.
Data Migration Tools
Migrate out of legacy databases easily.
Cloud Native Operations
One-click create/expand/shrink of clusters across multiple regions.
Natively integrated with public cloud platforms to automate DB cluster deployments.
Monitoring & Alerting
Complete performance and availability monitoring solution.
Always ready whenever you need it.
Enterprise-Grade Deployments
Read Replicas
Low-latency reads in remote regions by reading from local read replicas. Write latencies remain low.
Preferred Region Placement and Continuous Balancing
Low-latency writes optimized for well-known primary regions.
Distributed Backups and Restore
Your mission-critical data protected against unforeseen disasters with extreme ease.
Tiered Storage
Control spiraling storage costs especially for ever-growing data workloads such as IoT and time-series data.
World-Class Customer Support
24/7/365 Web & Phone Support
Emergency Patches
Apache 2.0 Commercial
Free Based on the number of nodes (physical or virtual) in your environment
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