YugaByte DB

Transactional NoSQL and Planet-Scale SQL in a Single High Performance Database

Your No-Compromise Operational Database

Traditional NoSQL Traditional SQL YugaByte DB
Consistency Eventual Strong Consistent & Partition-tolerant
Transactions BASE ACID Distributed ACID
(for Strong Reads)
High Low Low
Secondary Indexes High Latency Consistent Consistent & Low Latency
Global Distribution Lost Writes and Dirty Reads Multi-Master with Conflicts Region-Aware Data Placement
JSON Documents Flexible Limited Flexible Data Modeling Made Easy
Write Scalability Horizontal Vertical Elastic Scale-out/Scale-in
Availability High Failover Resilient & Self-Healing
Sharding Automatic Manual Purpose-built for Large Datasets
Rebalancing Automatic Manual Uniform Query & Data Distribution
Data Models Non-Relational Relational Flexible Schema, Key Value, Relational (BETA)
API No Standard API SQL Apache Cassandra, Redis, PostgreSQL (BETA)

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