YugaByte DB

Transactional, high-performance, planet-scale database; distributed under Apache 2.0 license

Built Ground-up for Transactional Consistency, High Performance and Geo-Distribution

YugaByte DB Community Edition is distributed with an open source Apache 2.0 license for startups that need to build highly scalable, geo-distributed apps on the best performing, transactional cloud database available.


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… and more

YugaByte DB

Open API
Tunable consistency
Polyglot persistence
Data fabric
Hybrid cloud

Mature Ecosystems

  • Develop user-facing apps with popular microservice frameworks
  • Integrated with Apache Spark for real-time analytics and Apache Kafka for distributed streaming

Multiple Popular APIs

  • Wire compatible with Apache Cassandra, Redis and PostgreSQL (BETA)
  • Cassandra and Redis APIs extended to drive rapid developer productivity
  • Minimal effort to port existing apps

Low Latency, High Throughput Reads

  • Powered by synchronous replication to serve correct, always-on reads
  • Multiple consistency levels based app's data model and geo-distribution
  • 3x read throughput than traditional NoSQL by avoiding quorum at read time

Multi-Model Data Access

  • Unified platform for common data models
  • Extend with open source frameworks such those for time series, graph, AWS S3-compatible object stores

Distributed Transactional Document Store

  • Consistent & Partition-tolerant (CP) with very high availability
  • Native support for both single-row and distributed ACID transactions
  • Auto sharding and rebalancing to support ever-growing datasets
  • Written in C++ with a custom RocksDB-based document store and Raft-based consensus replication

Cloud Native Operational Simplicity

  • Deploy on public clouds or on-premises without fear of lock-in
  • Orchestrate with Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible etc.

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