CipherTrace Case Study

About CipherTrace

CipherTrace develops blockchain security, AML compliance and enforcement solutions that make cryptocurrencies, crypto tokens and enterprise private blockchains safe and secure.

Why YugaByte DB

YugaByte DB enabled CipherTrace move off of DataStax Enterprise and start delivering new features to their customers, faster.

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“YugaByte DB helped CipherTrace meet the high bar its customers set for availability, scalability, and data consistency while we simultaneously introduced new features. Because YugaByte DB is Cassandra wire compatible, it was a simple process for us to quickly migrate our application from DataStax Enterprise and start delivering these benefits to our customers.”

— Steve Ryan, Chief Operating Officer

“When it comes to providing solutions that make blockchain and cryptocurrencies safe and secure, CipherTrace’s customers require immediate and accurate results when querying large data sets. We were able to quickly switch from DataStax Enterprise to YugaByte DB which offered more compelling features for our developers. Features like global secondary indexes, multi-terabyte data node density and pagination support.”

— Shannon Holland, CTO