Xignite Case Study

About Xignite

Xignite, Inc. provides cloud-based financial market data APIs. It offers access to real-time, historical, and reference market data through cloud-based APIs. The company helps emerging companies and established enterprises to deliver real-time and reference market data to their digital assets, such as Websites and applications.

Xignite is trusted by companies like Personal Capital, TIAA, BlackRock, Charles Schwab, Wealthfront and SoFi.

Why YugaByte DB

YugaByte helps Xignite deliver over 150 billion API requests to over 1000 customers every month.

Learn more: www.xignite.com

“With YugaByte DB we will be able to replace Xignite’s manually sharded and expensive time-series data architecture to serve up 150+ billion API requests per month. In the process we eliminated the complicated logic to keep databases and cache in sync and can now scale out much faster, plus take advantage of YugaByte DB’s multi-region capabilities.”

— Qin Yu, VP of Engineering

“Xignite integrates with over 100 financial data providers and serves up over 150 billion API requests per month, to over 1000 customers. The ability to scale and rebalance very large datasets without downtime or performance bottlenecks is critical to our business. YugaByte DB helps us focus on growing our business instead of maintaining a complex caching and relational database architecture.”

— Stephane Dubois, CEO