Microservices & Containers

Agile applications meet agile data infrastructure

Simplified, Decentralized Data for Microservices

Decentralized Data Management for Microservices
  • Power each microservice with its independent, co-located cluster.

  • Choose between Cassandra-compatible, Redis-compatible and PostgreSQL APIs based on developer preference.

  • Benefit from transactional, better performing, massively scalable Cassandra or Redis as a fault-tolerant, distributed DB.

  • Leverage distributed ACID transactions when needed without any additional infrastructure.

  • Build your own private DB cloud with polyglot persistence, backed by a highly simplified single operational runbook.

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Containerization of the Stateful Data Layer

Container-like Agility for the Stateful Data Layer
  • Container-like reconfigurability with fully online changes to instance type, storage type, rack, region and even cloud platforms at any time.

  • Fault-tolerant and self-healing DB that is resilient to failures at any infrastructure layer.

  • Build cloud-agnostic data services to avoid lock-in with your cloud platform's DB-as-a-Service offering.

  • Run with Kubernetes or Mesosphere DC/OS or the container orchestration solution of choice.

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