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Fast Data Infrastructure

The new Spark-Kafka-YugaByte DB (SKY) stack for building reliable streaming apps

From Streaming Data to Business Insights in Real-Time

From Streaming Data to Business Insights in Real-Time

  • Build Internet of Things, time series, predictive analytics, and machine learning apps with the new Spark-Kafka-YugaByte DB (SKY) stack.

  • YugaByte DB is natively integrated with Apache Spark for fast analytics and Apache Kafka for distributed streaming using the Apache Cassandra API.

  • Leverage YugaByte DB EE’s built-in multi-cloud cluster orchestration and monitoring for operational agility.

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Build Fast Data Apps With YugaByte DB's Cloud-Native Cassandra API

Resilient, Flexible and Cost Efficient Data Infrastructure

Operational Simplicity For Fast Data Apps Like Never Before

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