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Abra Controls’ technology helps oil & gas companies optimize their hydraulic fracturing operation with job-based sensors and SaaS. Customer demand drove development of a new, permanent SaaS solution. Similar to their legacy application but not job-based.


Abra Controls wanted an enterprise-grade database for their new, permanent SaaS application. They needed a scalable, highly available database with minimal operational overhead. Their legacy application ran on PostgreSQL deployed for high availability with homegrown methodologies.


Abra Controls switched to YugabyteDB Managed because it offers the ease and familiarity of PostgreSQL while making it easier to operate and ensure a resilient, scalable database.

Abra Controls provides simple, reliable, wireless solutions for oil & gas companies.

Abra Controls Dashboard powered by YugabyteDB Managed

Abra Controls offers pressure monitoring and data aggregation solutions for hydraulic fracturing operations in the US and Canada.

Abra Controls’ marquee offering is their mobile sensors and in-the-field service. Part of their service is a cloud application that pairs an IoT service that collects and aggregates massive amounts of sensor data from hydraulic fracturing sites in real-time with a responsive web application that lets users visualize and alert on that data.

Abra Controls’ solution helps oil & gas companies optimize their hydraulic fracturing operations and ensure regulatory compliance. It is simple, reliable, and wireless so it can be deployed anywhere. It gives users visibility into their pressure data in real-time.

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Key Database Requirements

Abra Controls was looking for a highly available, scalable, PostgreSQL-compatible database for their new application.

Key requirements included:

  • Horizontal scalability
  • High availability
  • High-degree of data integrity
  • Compatible with PostgreSQL
  • Ability to serve as a long-term data store as well as an application server preferred
  • Minimal operational overhead

Yugabyte Solution


Fully managed YugabyteDB cluster comprised of 3 nodes with 4 cores/node


Multi AZ


Deployed on GCP

Technical Results

> 1,700

transactions per second


dataset size

< 3ms

read latency

< 10ms

write latency

We don’t want to have to worry about the operations of a high availability database that much. We are much more interested in learning about the fine details of calculating gas flows and doing that well than we are about running a database.

Philippe LarochelleApplication Architect,
Abra Controls

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Abra Controls Uses YugabyteDB Managed

Abra Controls provides surface pressure monitoring services to the oil and gas industry. It offers offset well monitoring, hydrostatic tests, data analytics, and equipment solutions. They needed a scalable, highly available database with minimal operational overhead, which is why they embraced YugabyteDB.

Their SaaS application ingests millions of data points into YugabyteDB Managed every day to help oil and gas companies operate more efficiently in the field.