On-Demand Tech Roundtable

Is 2022 “The Year of the Edge?”

Early Edge Computing was mostly about aggregating and forwarding data from sensors – smart meters and smart networks being classic examples. But the growth of mobile IoT and devices that aren’t just data collection sensors but also run applications opens up many, many more use cases.

This on-demand tech roundtable drills down on the challenges of exploding Edge Computing and answers the following questions:

  • Where is the data going to and coming from?
  • Does this mean having data close to the consumer to improve responsiveness?
  • Can a large monolithic database meet this distributed need?
  • Can data be replicated only where it’s needed rather than all the data replicated everywhere?
  • How will the scaling of connected devices & burgeoning services be met at the Edge?

This panel is hosted by Dai Clegg, Product Marketing Specialist at Yugabyte and features David Walker, Field CTO, EMEA at Yugabyte, Franck Pachot, Developer Advocate at Yugabyte and Stephen Statler, SVP of Marketing at Wiliot and Interviewer, Speaker and Writer at the Mr. Beacon Podcast.