Transactional, High Performance, Planet-Scale

YugaByte DB

The transactional, high-performance database
for planet-scale cloud applications.

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Accelerate Cloud Migration Without Proprietary Cloud DB Lock-In


Distributed ACID Transactions

Distributed ACID Transactions

RDBMS-like data safety with multi-shard ACID transactions at any scale.

Strongly Consistent Core

Transactional Key-Document Storage

Flexible document-based storage engine backed by strongly consistent replication.


Low Latency

Low Latency

Multiple read consistency levels for latency-sensitive distributed OLTP and fast data apps.

High Throughput

High Throughput

Written ground-up in C++ for ingesting and serving ever-growing datasets.


Global Data Distribution

Global Data Distribution

Multi-region deployments with optional read replicas to bring data close to users.

Auto-Sharded & Auto-Rebalanced

Auto-Sharded & Auto-Rebalanced

Auto-sharded & auto-rebalanced by default, preferred region config for lower latency writes.



Built For The Container Era

Elastic scaling and multi-cloud portability, including Kubernetes-driven orchestration.

Fault Tolerant

Extreme Fault Tolerance

Self-healing infrastructure with no single point of failure and no external dependencies.


Open Source

Apache 2.0 License

Distributed under Apache 2.0, upgrade to enterprise offering anytime.


Popular APIs Extended

Apache Cassandra and Redis APIs extended for agile app development.

Power Scalable Cloud Apps With High Performance

Demand More From Your Transactional Database

Traditional SQL Traditional NoSQL YugaByte DB
Consistency Strong Eventual Consistent & Partition-tolerant
Transactions ACID BASE Distributed ACID
(for Strong Reads)
Low High Low
Secondary Indexes Consistent High Latency Consistent & Low Latency
Global Distribution Multi-Master with Conflicts Lost Writes and Dirty Reads Region-Aware Data Placement
JSON Documents Limited Flexible Flexible Data Modeling Made Easy
Write Scalability Vertical Horizontal Elastic Scale-out/Scale-in
Availability Failover High Resilient & Self-Healing
Sharding Manual Automatic Purpose-built for Large Datasets
Rebalancing Manual Automatic Uniform Query & Data Distribution
Data Models Relational Non-Relational Flexible Schema, Key Value, Relational (BETA)
API SQL No Standard API Apache Cassandra, Redis, PostgreSQL (BETA)

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Edition (CE)


Distributed under Apache 2.0 open source license.
Designed for startups that need to build scalable apps on the best transactional cloud database available.

Edition (EE)


Distributed under a fully supported, enterprise-grade commercial license.
Designed for enterprises that need to build global, high-performance apps with agility.

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