Cloud-Native, SQL, NoSQL

YugaByte DB

Transactional, high performance database
for planet-scale cloud applications.

The Open Source Alternative To Proprietary Cloud Databases


Distributed ACID Transactions

Distributed ACID Transactions

RDBMS-like data safety with multi-shard ACID transactions at any scale.

Strongly Consistent Core

Adaptive, Fault-Tolerant Storage

Flexible document-based storage engine backed by self-healing, strongly-consistent replication.


Low Latency

Low Latency

Multiple read consistency levels for latency-sensitive distributed OLTP and fast data apps.

High Throughput

High Throughput

Written ground-up in C++ for ingesting and serving ever-growing datasets.



Global Data Distribution

Multi-region and multi-cloud deployments to power low-latency user experiences.


Built For The Container Era

Elastic scaling and infrastructure portability, including Kubernetes-driven orchestration.

Serve Mission-Critical Use Cases With Ease

Demand More From Your Operational Database

Traditional SQL Traditional NoSQL YugaByte DB
Consistency Strong Eventual Consistent & Partition-tolerant
Transactions ACID BASE Distributed ACID
(for Strong Reads)
Low High Low
Scalability Vertical Horizontal Reliable, Fast Scale Out
Availability Failover High Resilient & Self-Healing
Sharding Manual Automatic Purpose-Built for Large Datasets
Rebalancing Manual Automatic Uniform Query & Data Distribution
Data Models Relational Non-Relational Flexible Schema, Key Value, Graph, Time Series
API SQL No Standard API Apache Cassandra, Redis, PostgreSQL (coming soon)

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Edition (CE)


Open source Apache 2.0 license
For startups with strong DevOps expertise

Edition (EE)


Commercial license
For enterprises needing fast time to market

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