• High Performance
  • Transactional NoSQL
  • Planet-Scale SQL
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  • Reduce Costs
  • Simplify Operations
  • Increase Agility
YugaByte DB is the open source, transactional, high-performance
database for building internet-scale, globally-distributed apps.
High Performance
  • Sub-millisecond read latency
  • Linearly scalable write throughput
  • Multi-TB data density per node
  • Common document store across all APIs
Transactional NoSQL
  • Key-value API for blazing fast query performance
  • Flexible schema API with native JSON for unstructured data
  • Full spectrum of ACID compliance
Planet-Scale SQL
  • Distributed SQL API with auto sharding & rebalancing
  • Massive write scalability & unmatched fault tolerance
  • Global data distribution
Unparalleled data modeling freedom for business-critical microservices.