Distributed PostgreSQL for Modern Apps

Meet YugabyteDB, the PostgreSQL-compatible distributed database for your cloud native apps. Resilient, scalable, and flexible.

Reimagine PostgreSQL for a Cloud Native World

YugabyteDB retains all the power and familiarity of PostgreSQL by pairing its trusted API with a precision-engineered, distributed, cloud native architecture.

Even better, it’s 100% open source.


PostgreSQL and Beyond. No Compromises.

Get instantly productive with a PostgreSQL-compatible, multi-master RDBMS that supports stored procedures, triggers, and extensions. YugabyteDB elevates PostgreSQL with built-in connection management, observability, end-to-end security, and more.

Built-in Resilience

Built-in Resilience with Flexible Disaster Recovery

Keep your application online and performant despite unplanned failures or scheduled maintenance. Meet (and exceed) your SLAs with YugabyteDB’s high availability and disaster recovery features, designed to work optimally across zones, regions, and clouds.


Seamless Scalability

Start small and add nodes as needed. Scale your data, connections, reads, and writes effortlessly without disrupting ongoing applications. As your needs grow, YugabyteDB automatically shards data and scales in all directions (up, down, out, and in).

Global Design Patterns

Versatile Design Patterns for Global Apps

Design and deploy the perfect architecture for your global application. Choose from various blueprints and replication techniques to distribute, access, and update your data to achieve the right mix of latency, resilience, and consistency.

Enterprise Capabilities

Fit for Enterprise-Critical Applications

Deploy and run your business-critical applications with confidence. YugabyteDB offers unparalleled enterprise capabilities, including seamless migration, reliable data protection, observability, backward compatibility, and end-to-end security.

Built-in Resilience
Global Design Patterns
Enterprise Capabilities
Built-in Resilience with Flexible Disaster Recovery
Seamless Scalability
Versatile Design Patterns for Global Apps
Fit for Enterprise-Critical Applications

Techie Loed. Business Approved.

Whether you’re an app developer, architect, operator, or leader, YugabyteDB has you covered.

As a technologist, you’ll enjoy:

  • Automatic data distribution for built-in resilience
  • Intelligent scaling with automatic rebalancing
  • Access to enterprise-grade security features
  • Downtime-free maintenance
  • Access to the rich PostgreSQL ecosystem
Business Leaders

As a business leader, you’ll achieve:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Database consolidation enabled by diverse workload support
  • Accelerated cloud native adoption with risk-free migration
  • Always-on business operations with reduced risks
  • More resources available to focus on high-priority projects

Try It Yourself

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Beyond the Technology

Yugabyte is more than a database provider; it's a partner in facilitating process transformation and organizational enablement, providing the comprehensive tools and services you need for a successful database modernization initiative.

Distributed SQL Database
Meet the database of tomorrow, today.
Database Migration
Seamlessly migrate your data with YugabyteDB Voyager.
Training and Enablement
Access training, resources, and ongoing services.

Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Story: Kroger Kroger took the time to convince ourselves that all the features we needed were available from Yugabyte and that it meets our needs. Mahesh Tyagarajan, VP Engineering >5,000 Cores in production <10ms Database latency
Customer Success Story: Top 5 Bank We needed a resilient, active-active solution that would support a relational data model and ACID-compliant transaction along with near-linear horizontal scalability. Sr. Engineer of Database Strategy 0 Apps experienced downtime 3+ Regions supported with unified database
Customer Success Story: Justuno By consolidating our Cassandra, Neo4j, Microsoft SQL Server, and CockroachDB systems into a single YugabyteDB cluster we were able to radically simplify our operations. Travis Logan, CTO/Co-Founder ×3 Better Performance 20K Queries/second
Customer Success Story: netskope The core capabilities of YugabyteDB allow us to easily scale and improve our reliability and performance without the tradeoffs of time and effort required by legacy solutions. Jake Roersma, VP of Platform Engineering #1 Category-leading CASB solution 1M+ SASE Users
Customer Success Story: Catalan Health Authority YugabyteDB is built on open-source technologies, which gives Catalonia the perfect combination of vendor independence, future-proofing, and uncompromising performance. Stefan Schraps, VP, Business & Community Mgmt, vitagroup 80K Concurrent users 20Bill. Medical record documents

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