Cloud-Native, SQL, NoSQL

Cloud-Native Database
for Mission-Critical Applications

Power your most demanding, customer-facing applications with a resilient, built-for-the-cloud database using popular NoSQL APIs

All-In-One Distributed Database, Built For the Cloud


Transactional Consistency

Transactional Consistency

Distributed ACID transactions on a resilient, strongly consistent, scale-out data fabric

High Performance

High Performance

Written ground-up in C++ for performance-sensitive distributed OLTP and fast data apps



Elasticity, Reconfigurability & Portability

Horizontally scalable, reconfigurable with zero downtime and cloud-agnostic with no lock-in


Multi-Datacenter & Multi-Cloud

Default sync replication for resilience, optional async replication for geo-distributed datacenters



Open NoSQL APIs, Multi-Model

Apache Cassandra and Redis compatible multi-model platform to serve diverse workloads

Open Source

Open Source

Open source core distributed under Apache 2.0, upgrade to enterprise offering anytime

Serve Mission-Critical Use Cases With Ease

Break Free From Legacy Databases

Apache Cassandra Redis Open Source YugaByte DB
Decentralized Architecture No Single Point of Failure
Linear Scalability Reliable, Fast Scale Out
Automated Failover & Repair Resilient & Self-Healing
Tunable Read Consistency Multiple Consistency Levels
Auto Sharding Purpose-Built for Large Datasets
Auto Rebalancing Uniform Query & Data Distribution
Distributed ACID Transactions Effortless App Development
Strongly Consistent Secondary Indexes High Feature Velocity
Low, Predictable p99 Latencies High Performance C++ Implementation
High Data Density Low Server Footprint
Cloud-Native Agility Kubernetes-like Reconfigurability

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Edition (CE)


Open source Apache 2.0 license
For startups with strong DevOps expertise

Edition (EE)


Commercial license
For enterprises needing fast time to market

Stop Compromising Between
Reliability, Performance and Agility