Our third Distributed SQL Summit was an incredible success. DSS 2021 featured 3 days of sessions, demos and workshops on September 21-23, 2021.

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Session Highlights include:

  • *Applications & Personas: The Needs of Cloud-native, Data-Driven Enterprises in the B2B Revolution – Bhaskar Ghosh – 8VC
  • *Running YugabyteDB at a Fraction Of the Cost with Spot Instances – Leon Kuperman – CAST AI
  • *Building the Data Platform at the Heart of Rakuten Mobile’s Autonomous Network – Miro Salem & Joji John – Rakuten
  • *View from the top – Guy Chiarello – Fiserv
  • *From a ‘72 Chevelle to Connected Vehicles and Ultra Cruise: Building The Future of Automobiles at GM – Logan McLeod – GM
  • *Architecture Powering Digital and Omni-channel Retail Growth at Kroger – Sriram Samu – Kroger

and many more!

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Watch Now

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