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Distributed SQL on Microsoft Azure

Embrace the benefits of the leading open source
distributed SQL database on Microsoft Azure.


Enhance your Azure instance with a distributed, self-managed DBaaS.


Learn to configure Azure seamlessly using YugabyteDB Anywhere.

Now Available on the Azure Marketplace

Procure YugabyteDB Anywhere through the Azure Marketplace and you can contribute towards your organization's Azure consumption commitment, streamline fulfillment, and enjoy consolidated billing.

Power a Flexible Future with YugabyteDB and Azure

As a Microsoft partner we are committed to delivering an ideal experience running YugabyteDB on Azure, whether that entails deploying for containers or taking advantage of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.

Worry-Free Scaling

Scale from a small, single availability zone cluster to a massive, multi-region database with 1000’s of nodes taking advantage of Azure’s global footprint. As your global business grows, you can scale out seamlessly.
CloudNativeApps Operational Headaches

Native Integration

As a partner in the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform ecosystem, the integration of YugabyteDB with Azure Synapse Analytics removes traditional silos and streamlines the exchange of transactional data.
CloudNativeApps Establish Backup and Recovery

Always-On Services

Run your critical services with confidence in Azure. YugabyteDB, designed for maximum availability, enables you to withstand node, zone, region, and cloud disruptions with rapid failovers, automatic rebalancing, and no data loss.
CloudNativeApps Define Cluster Layout

Geo-Distributed Data

Utilize the most comprehensive deployment options for geo-distributed and hybrid environments. YugabyteDB can be deployed across multiple Azure availability zones and regions (or even across clouds) using sync and async replication topologies.

Self-Managed DBaaS

Deploy a self-managed DBaaS in your Azure environment with a few clicks using YugabyteDB Anywhere. The built-in automation simplifies operations and management of a highly-available, geo-distributed database.
CloudNativeApps Configure YugabyteDB with Kubernetes

Kubernetes Services

Today’s applications are built differently, with containers and microservices. Embrace a modern database—like YugabyteDB—and seamlessly deploy in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for a highly available, fully-managed Kubernetes service.

Stream Data from YugabyteDB to Azure Synapse Analytics

A simplified CDC integration between YugabyteDB and Azure eliminates the complexity of joining RDBMS and analytical systems together.

Read how Yugabyte and Microsoft Azure are partnering to simplify data sharing between systems.

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