YugabyteDB Voyager
Easily migrate from PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and cloud databases to YugabyteDB.
Unify the entire process—from assessment to schema and data migration.

Embrace a Cloud Native Database

Unify Migration Lifecycle
Unify the Migration Lifecycle
Adopt a unified migration tool that assesses readiness, analyzes schema, suggests changes, and safely migrates your data.
Accelerate Cloud Native Adoption
Fast-Track Cloud Native Adoption
Remove data modernization barriers by efficiently migrating legacy and cloud databases to YugabyteDB with concise, step-by-step guidance.
Reduce Operational Expenses
Reduce Operational Expenses
Eliminate complex planning and manual tasks with a purpose-built, unified, open-source tool that streamlines database migration.
Adopt a Proven Migration Strategy
Adopt a Proven Migration Strategy
Analyze your schema and data migration complexity in advance to tackle potential issues and optimize post-migration performance.

Simplify Database Migration

YugabyteDB Voyager makes the journey from monolithic and cloud databases to YugabyteDB simple, effortlessly freeing critical app data from legacy systems.

YugabyteDB Voyager allows enterprises to confidently modernize their databases using  a single, flexible, open source solution.

How YugabyteDB
Voyager Works

Features and Capabilities

Harness the power of YugabyteDB Voyager’s data migration engine to streamline and expedite the move to YugabyteDB.

Live Migration
Migrate from Oracle and PostgreSQL with zero application downtime.
Manage migration end-to-end—from assessment through data movement to validation.
Schema Migration
Export, analyze, and adapt your schema for a distributed environment.
Generate reports to gauge migration readiness and simplify the process.
Unified CLI
Employ a consistent CLI across different source databases.
Direct Import
Import data directly from CSV files for greater flexibility.
Simplify distributed SQL database adoption by utilizing a purpose-built tool.
Apply a consistent methodology to migrate all supported source databases.

Customer Successes

Customer Success Story: Genxlead To simplify the migration from our legacy databases, we were excited to embrace YugabyteDB Voyager. We completed a successful PoC where we loaded 120M records. We look forward to moving our production workloads with YugabyteDB Voyager. Madhan Kumar, Founder
Customer Success Story: Insight Technology We expect this new tool to be a huge help to enterprises struggling to move their apps to a modern cloud environment due to the barriers involved in moving data and escaping the challenges of legacy, monolithic databases. Takuma Matsuo, Product Management
Customer Success Story: SRA OSS LLC As a strong believer in distributed SQL, we have high hopes that Yugabyte will continue to lead the industry with new innovations. The general availability of YugabyteDB Voyager is an important step forward on the journey to accelerate YugabyteDB adoption by simplifying the migration from existing databases. Kaori Inaba, President

Supported Source

PostgreSQL (9.x – 11.x)
Amazon Aurora
Amazon RDS
Microsoft Azure SQL for PG
Google Cloud SQL for PG
MySQL (8.x)
Amazon Aurora
Amazon RDS
Google Cloud SQL for MySQL
Oracle (11g – 19c)
Amazon RDS
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