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Building the Database of Choice for Modern Transactional Apps

Our History


Yugabyte’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned database experts, who guide our product innovation and the strategic direction of the company. Their expertise drives our commitment to excellence, ensuring we deliver industry-leading solutions.
Karthik Ranganathan
Karthik Ranganathan
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Kannan Muthukkaruppan
Kannan Muthukkaruppan
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Mikhail Bautin
Mikhail Bautin
Bill Cook
Bill Cook
Executive Advisor
Ravi Mhatre
Ravi Mhatre
Lightspeed Venture Partners
Deepak Jeevan kumar
Deepak Jeevankumar
Dell Tech Capital
Bhaskar Ghosh
Bhaskar Ghosh
Jai Das
Jai Das
Sapphire Ventures
Bill Cook
Bill Cook
Kannan Muthukkaruppan
Kannan Muthukkaruppan
Karthik Ranganathan
Karthik Ranganathan
Scott Mcnealy
Scott McNealy
Amit Yoran
Amit Yoran

Our Investors

Lightspeed Logo
Multi-stage venture capital firm focused on accelerating disruptive innovations and trends.
Sapphire Ventures Logo
Multi-stage venture capital firm accelerating disruptive tech innovations and trends.
Dell Technologies Capital logo
Venture capital arm of Dell Technologies, investing in innovative technology startups.
8vc Logo
Venture capital firm focused on investing in transformative technology companies.
Alkeon Capital Managment
Multi-stage venture capital firm investing in technology and innovation.
Meritech Capital Logo
Venture capital firm specializing in late-stage technology investments.
Wells Fargo Logo
Strategic investment arm of Wells Fargo, focusing on technology partnerships.
Wipro Ventures
Strategic investment arm of Wipro Limited, a global IT consulting 
and services company.

Life at Yugabyte

Yugabyte is growing fast, and we’re seeking talented individuals to help maintain our momentum!

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What YugabyteDB Users Have to Say

Guy Chiarello, COO
We are expected to perfect—no false positives, all good transactions. Getting to 100 percent accuracy is very important. How am I going to do that without you? I could build my own database, but that’s not the answer. I’d rather have really smart people—like the team at Yugabyte—do that instead of me.
Tony Coleman, CTO
Yugabyte brings exceptional technology performance, scale, and resilience to our partnership. Along with its unrivaled global database expertise and its service capabilities, YugabyteDB was a natural fit with our vision for the future of our technology cloud based proposition.
Ram Ravichandran, CTO
YugabyteDB helped Narvar avoid cloud lock-in, stay GDPR compliant and save money in the process. Partnering with Yugabyte helps us focus on our customers instead of worrying if our systems can keep pace with our rapidly growing business.
James Hartig, Co-Founder
We evaluated CockroachDB, but decided to go with YugabyteDB because we got 3x better performance with fewer resources, while avoiding the significant hiccups in latency we saw with CockroachDB.
Vijay Patil, VP of Engineering
With YugabyteDB, we can now do on-demand seamless cluster expansion during business hours, execute online schema changes without business disruptions, and use real-time-monitoring-enabled SREs to make proactive, metrics-driven business decisions.
Nikhil Mahawar, Head of Product Engineering and Innovation
We have moved our payments system to YugabyteDB’s distributed SQL database to deliver the scale and enable the active-active setups required for critical applications like UPI. —Nikhil Mahawar, Head of Product Engineering and Innovation, Mindgate
Jay Duraisamy, SVP of Technology for Data and Analytics
YugabyteDB presents a solution with both PostgreSQL grammar and Cassandra grammar as well as being fully ACID compliant. It seems to be the next evolution of NoSQL architecture.
Leading eCommerce Retailer
Director of Digital Engineering and Architecture
We are in the process of modernizing our core e-commerce platform, including workloads such as promotions engine, catalog, customer accounts, registries, and card and checkout to a cloud-based microservices architecture. We chose YugabyteDB as the database for all these workloads.
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