YugabyteDB for Financial Services

Accelerate innovation and build services faster—while reducing cost and risk—with the industry's leading distributed SQL database built for financial services.

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Financial Services
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Deliver New Data-Centric Services Quickly

Rising customer expectations and competition are driving banking, investment, insurance, and fintech companies to innovate faster. YugaybyteDB is a cloud native RDBMS that can handle your most demanding workloads, today and in the future, no matter where you are on your database modernization journey.

Expand Services

Accelerate Productivity

Enable your application developers to deliver new, innovative services that enhance customer experiences faster.

Modernize Systems

Future-Proof Your Systems

Meet the needs of your cloud native applications today as well as when these needs change with a versatile database.

Navigate Regulations

Navigate Regulations

Control data access and storage across regions to meet evolving regulatory and compliance requirements.

Simplify Distributed Financial Ledgers

Scale your financial ledger to millions of transactions per day seamlessly with a single, geo-distributed system of record. Store critical data accurately and securely—while integrating with your existing tools.

  • Strong Consistency Ensures data accuracy and ACID-level guarantees
  • Continuous Availability Eliminates downtime due to infrastructure failures or planned system maintenance
  • Horizontal Scalability Scales on demand seamlessly when needed to handle unexpected spikes
Simplify Distributed Financial Ledgers

Unify Customer Data across Services

Customer interactions have become more complex as data spans global services. By adopting a unified data layer that is platform, cloud and API agnostic, eliminate legacy silos and enjoy a unified view of your customers.

  • Dynamic Workload Optimization Handles diverse workload needs with a unified database that is cloud and platform agnostic
  • Global Geo-Distribution Offers the widest array of sync and async replication capabilities to balance performance and consistency needs
Unify Customer Data across Services

Accelerate Payments Processing

Quickly and efficiently process financial transactions while ensuring that customer data is secure and always available.

  • High Performance at Scale Easily scales the database out to support more transactions or connections while maintaining low latencies
  • Operational Efficiency Spans any cloud with ease and streamlines day 2 operations with easy management and automatic rebalancing
  • Security Ensures that data is protected wherever it is

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Accelerate Payments Processing

Market Leaders Trust YugabyteDB

Yugabyte brings exceptional technology performance, scale, and resilience to this partnership, making it a natural fit with our vision. Tony Coleman , CTO
YugabyteDB made some of our new use cases possible that we could not have done with our previous database solution. Qin Yu , CTO
The attraction of YugabyteDB was that we don’t have to code just for it. We develop our applications to open standards and it just works. Dmitri Farafonov , VP, Fellow Architect

Finance Innovation with YugabyteDB

Transactional Consistency

YugabyteDB supports distributed transactions with full ACID compliance, enabling features such as strongly consistent secondary indexes and multi-table/row ACID operations in both YSQL and YCQL APIs.

High Availability

Downtime is not an option for financial services organizations. With native replication and automatic rebalancing, data remains available during node, zone, region, and data center failures and maintenance tasks.

Enterprise Security

YugabyteDB is built from the ground up with data security in mind. Maintain a robust security posture with built-in controls such as LDAP authentication, RBAC, data encryption at rest and in transit (TLS).

Transactional Consistency
Flexible Deployments
Enterprise Security

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