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YugabyteDB Deployment Options

Choose from a variety of flexible deployment options of YugabyteDB based on your needs.
Product Comparison

YugabyteDB Managed

Fully-managed, dedicated YugabyteDB cluster
Infinite and seamless scalability
Efficient and native data security
Global availability and resiliency
Free, fully-featured trial available

YugabyteDB Anywhere

Self-managed DBaaS in private, public or hybrid cloud
Global scale across any clouds
Consolidated global management
Intelligent Day 2 operations
World-class 24/7/365 support


100% open source with full set of enterprise database features
PostgreSQL API and CQL-inspired API
Incremental backups and PITR
Sync and asynchronous replication
Multi-row ACID transactions

Compare Key Features

YugabyteDB Managed
YugabyteDB Anywhere
Core Database Features
Shared nothing distributed store
Distributed SQL
ACID transactions
Multi-API (PostgreSQL and CQL-inspired)
PostgreSQL feature compatibility
Column-level locking
Native JSON support
Row and table-level TTL
Full cursor, triggers and stored procedures
Modern Database Capabilities
Non-disruptive, limitless horizontal scale
Continuous availability during node, zone and region failures
Policy-based geo-partitioning
Read Replicas
Preferred region placement
Continuous balancing
Asynchronous replication
Follower Reads
Native Kubernetes support
ORM Support
Change Data Capture (CDC)
Multi-cloud, multi-region cluster
Cloud Native Operational Excellence
YugabyteDB Voyager migration from legacy databases
Automated non-disruptive, rolling upgrades
Multi-Cloud cluster orchestration
Observability metrics and GUI
Management of multiple clusters
Specify maintenance windows
Automated backup scheduling
Incremental backups
Automated geo-located, distributed restores
Orchestrated snapshots and PITR
Advanced Security
Role-based Access Control
Encryption at rest
Encryption in transit
Encrypted backups
Row-level security
Support for certificate managers
Third-party KMS support
Fully-Managed Capabilities
Automatic hardware provisioning
Managed upgrades
Managed multi-cloud orchestration
Automatic backups
SRE monitoring
Automated email alerts
SOC 2 compliance
Unified billing including IaaS cost
Intelligent Performance Advisor
Terraform Provider for IaC
Support and License
Community support
Emergency patches
24/7/365 priority support
Apache 2.0 + commercial
Apache 2.0

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