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The world’s most innovative companies, like Paramount+, Kroger, and Rakuten, trust YugabyteDB to run their critical applications. It’s distributed PostgreSQL with scale on-demand and built-in resilience.

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Featured success stories

Success Stories

Explore how global organizations of all sizes leverage YugabyteDB to fulfill their application requirements.
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SaaS Discover why this leading Japanese Telco chose YugabyteDB’s scalable distributed architecture and built-in automation to meet its goal of connecting 1.5 million IoT devices within five years. StreamingMedia Paramount+ enhanced its streaming service’s scalability and reliability by migrating to YugabyteDB and deploying across multiple regions. Retail & E-Commerce Photo Kroger Kroger modernizes its data layer with YugabyteDB to power high-value microservices faster and to achieve greater flexibility to run on any cloud. Financial In a recent interview, Fiserv discussed application development strategies, including data monetization plans and the need for modernization to support cloud-native apps. IT ServicesSaaSSecurity Netskope chose YugabyteDB for its leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) innovations, valuing its high performance at scale and ACID transactions. SaaS VinAudit endorses YugabyteDB for its scalability, slashing export times from 8 to 2 hours and meeting high data and throughput requirements. FinancialSaaS Top 5 US Bank modernizes critical Bill Payment application with YugabyteDB’s built-in resilience, high-performance at scale, and geo-distributed data. IT ServicesSaaS CCCI leveraged YugabyteDB’s fully-managed DBaaS on AWS for their advanced chatbot application, benefiting from its on-demand scalability and high availability. SaaSHospitality YugabyteDB supports Scout24’s complex data requirements for their “Kotao” app with geo-partitioning and high availability. Its PostgreSQL compatibility and scalable, fault-tolerant design made it an ideal choice. Financial This fintech is revolutionizing finance with a scalable, cloud-native, and resilient multi-region deployment that avoids vendor lock-in and outperforms AWS Aurora MySQL. Healthcare This healthtech company leverages YugabyteDB to power a global app that fosters collaboration between healthcare specialists, ensuring streamlined data compliance and insights. Financial A US-based bank unified its data platform to handle trillions of reads and writes while ensuring high availability and low latency while catering to diverse query patterns. GovernmentSaaS Catalan Health Authority selects YugabyteDB for its new electronic health records management system, speeding up the move to patient-centric health data management. FinancialSaaS Trustt adopts YugabyteDB for its banking and financial products SaaS platform, valuing its horizontal scalability, resilience, and operational efficiency. Retail & E-Commerce During a massive Texas snowstorm, a power failure affected this global retailer’s data center. Despite the widespread chaos, they managed to maintain application availability. Telco This telco transformed their operations with a highly scalable and resilient data layer allowing them to meet evolving customer demands in a dynamic digital landscape. GovernmentIoT Jakarta Smart City unveils Flood Control Service powered by YugabyteDB, featuring advanced PostgreSQL compatibility, easy scalability, and high availability. Financial Mindgate migrates to YugabyteDB for enhanced scalability, performance, and reliability, enabling them to achieve growth goals. Benefits include low-latency reads, high-throughput writes, automatic sharding, and SQL/NoSQL support. TelcoStreamingMedia Comcast discusses the challenges with global data distribution and how they assess distributed SQL and YugabyteDB for modern workloads aligned to drive business outcomes and value to their end customers. Retail & E-Commerce Global retailer cost-effectively scales eCommerce site’s catalog with YugabyteDB, supporting consistent RDBMS transactions and NoSQL programming model. Financial David Loomis, Managing Director of Infrastructure, Operations, and Cloud Platforms at Charles Schwab shares his experience with directing the company’s application and database modernization strategy. IT ServicesSaaS Helpshift adopts YugabyteDB to manage rapid customer usage growth, overcoming scalability and data consistency issues of their legacy NoSQL database. Financial Top 10 US Bank selects YugabyteDB as a strategic platform for its blend of RDBMS features and modern architecture that runs on any infrastructure. Financial Global financial firm chooses YugabyteDB for its cloud- and platform-agnostic capabilities, offering lower latency, high availability, and cost efficiency. EnergyIoT Midoin migrated to YugabyteDB for its ability to scale writes to handle any traffic volume, simplifying the process over monolithic databases like PostgreSQL. Retail & E-Commerce Photo Narvar Narvar, using YugabyteDB, cut database costs and met multi-cloud needs, achieving 4x lower TCO and zero downtime versus PostgreSQL and DynamoDB. SaaSSmart DevicesTelco Voiceland selects YugabyteDB as its distributed database to ensure highly available VoIP services to offer a better SLA and ensure customers never miss calls. IoTSaaSSmart Devices Plume fuels millions of smart homes, efficiently managing over 27 billion daily operations through YugabyteDB on Amazon Web Services (AWS). SaaS Admiral’s data outgrew MongoDB. It found the geo-distribution capabilities, single-digit low latency, massive scale, and high performance it needed with YugabyteDB. Retail & E-CommerceSaaS Justuno consolidated SQL and NoSQL into YugabyteDB, enhancing availability, performance, and scalability to support exponential growth. IoTLogistics Photo Turvo Turvo adopted YugabyteDB for its logistics platform, achieving massive scale, single-digit latency, and low operation cost after MongoDB failed to scale. FinancialIoTSaaS Xignite Xignite’s platform for real-time financial data relies on YugabyteDB for its high performance, scalability, and operational simplicity. SaaSSecurity Manetu’s platform uses YugabyteDB to manage millions of identities, scaling to billions with high performance, easy scaling, CQL compatibility, and operational simplicity.
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Client Testimonials

Yugabyte PRESS Framework

Measure the business impact of YugabyteDB with our customer success framework.

YugabyteDB increases the rate of innovation by removing developer bottlenecks and improving operator productivity.

Business Metrics

  • Time to first value (TTFV)
  • Number of deployments
  • Developer productivity

YugabyteDB ensures that apps will continue to work smoothly without any performance issues even if nodes or zones fail.

Business Metrics

  • Failure impact
  • Mean time to recovery (MTTR)
  • Database incidents

YugabyteDB maximizes available resources by reducing hardware requirements and streamlining tedious Day 2 operations.

Business Metrics

  • Time to provision database
  • Ticket resolution time
  • Infrastructure efficiency

YugabyteDB simplifies patching and offers end-to-end encryption while meeting data residency and compliance requirements.

Business Metrics

  • Patching frequency
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Time to rotate credentials

YugabyteDB lowers total cost of ownership through cost-effective licensing, infrastructure savings, and built-in resilience.

Business Metrics

  • Developer to operator ratio
  • Hardware and license spend
  • Lost revenue from downtime

What YugabyteDB Users Have to Say

Guy Chiarello, COO
We are expected to perfect—no false positives, all good transactions. Getting to 100 percent accuracy is very important. How am I going to do that without you? I could build my own database, but that’s not the answer. I’d rather have really smart people—like the team at Yugabyte—do that instead of me.
Tony Coleman, CTO
Yugabyte brings exceptional technology performance, scale, and resilience to our partnership. Along with its unrivaled global database expertise and its service capabilities, YugabyteDB was a natural fit with our vision for the future of our technology cloud based proposition.
Ram Ravichandran, CTO
YugabyteDB helped Narvar avoid cloud lock-in, stay GDPR compliant and save money in the process. Partnering with Yugabyte helps us focus on our customers instead of worrying if our systems can keep pace with our rapidly growing business.
Jay Duraisamy, SVP of Technology for Data and Analytics
YugabyteDB presents a solution with both PostgreSQL grammar and Cassandra grammar as well as being fully ACID compliant. It seems to be the next evolution of NoSQL architecture.
Stefan Schraps VP Business & Community Mgmt
YugabyteDB is built on open source technologies, which gives Catalonia the perfect combination of vendor independence, future-proofing and uncompromising performance.
Vijay Patil, VP of Engineering
With YugabyteDB, we can now do on-demand seamless cluster expansion during business hours, execute online schema changes without business disruptions, and use real-time-monitoring-enabled SREs to make proactive, metrics-driven business decisions.
Nikhil Mahawar, Head of Product Engineering and Innovation
We have moved our payments system to YugabyteDB’s distributed SQL database to deliver the scale and enable the active-active setups required for critical applications like UPI.
Leading eCommerce Retailer
Director of Digital Engineering and Architecture
We are in the process of modernizing our core eCommerce platform, including workloads such as promotions engine, catalog, customer accounts, registries, and card and checkout to a cloud-based microservices architecture. We chose YugabyteDB as the database for all these workloads.
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