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Embrace Stateful and Streaming Apps Across the Edge and the Cloud

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Optimize Edge Computing and Streaming

Legacy Databases Not Designed for Edge Applications

Data is now everywhere. The demands of new edge and streaming applications are driving the need for a modern, distributed database that can store and deliver data from anywhere in the world with predictable performance, elastic scalability and a flexible topology. Relying on monolithic databases can lead to challenges that include:

Edge-iOT Slow Response Times

Slow Response Times

Connecting from the edge to a centralized database incurs high latencies and poor performance.

Usecase Edge iOT Data Silos

Data Silos

Having different databases at the edge and in the cloud leads to data silos and high networking costs.

Usecase Edge iOT Complex Management

Complex Management

Managing data replication, scaling, and dealing with outages and network partitions add operational complexity.

Deliver Predictable Performance Anywhere with YugabyteDB

By 2025, analysts predict 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside of centralized data centers or cloud. Streaming apps increasingly collect data from edge and aggregate them in the cloud. But that doesn’t mean we need to return to a world of IT silos. YugabyteDB is a versatile cloud native database built for edge and streaming applications.

Deliver High Performance at Scale

With a distributed architecture, seamlessly meet data where it is created for fast reads and writes, while having the freedom to rapidly scale up and down.

  • Deliver flawless experience with low latency edge computing and streaming
  • Support high throughput, large data sets and many concurrent connections
  • Enjoy horizontal scalability while maintaining single digit latencies
Usecase Edge iOT Deliver High Performance at Scale

Deploy Anywhere on a Unified Fabric

With telcos reaching around the world, it’s important to be able to span any cloud and deliver a unified database that can support edge applications, core applications, and everything in between.

  • Deploy in any cloud or edge location and from VMs to containers
  • Optimize data placement with features like row-level geo-partitioning
  • Easily burst to public clouds with active-active replication
Usecase Edge iOT Deploy Anywhere with Unified Fabric

Future Proof Infrastructure

With an uncertain future, enterprises need to adopt solutions that deliver the flexibility and agility to evolve with future needs. A modern distributed database can prepare you for those unexpected demands.

  • Customize your database topology with widest set of deployment choices
  • Balance performance and consistency with sync and async replication
  • Easily burst to public clouds with active-active replication
Usecase Edge iOT Future Proof Infrastructure

Are you ready for the new edge data environment?

Edge computing distributes computation and data storage closer to where the data is produced and consumed—with the most powerful edge applications being stateful. However, stateful edge applications demand a new data architecture that considers the scale, latency, availability, and security needs of applications. Read the white paper below to explore the issues, challenges, and opportunities created when you build stateful applications at the edge.

Usecase Edge iOT new edge data environment

Market Leaders Trust YugabyteDB

General Motors
OnStar has been delivering services 24/7 to make drivers feel safer. As we grow our services, YugabyteDB addresses our concerns about meeting scale and resilience needs. Kannan Ramamurthy , Leader and Strategist
By migrating to YugabyteDB clusters comprised of a total of 60 nodes, we were now able to process over 27 billion operations per day with the ability to support 75 billion operations next year. Muru Guruswamy

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