Turbocharged PostgreSQL as a service for business-critical transactional applications.
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Reimagine the Relational Database

YugabyteDB combines enterprise-grade relational database capabilities with built-in resilience and on-demand scaling, resulting in a modern database delivered as a flexible service. In other words, YugabyteDB retains the power and familiarity of PostgreSQL while evolving its capabilities to a distributed, cloud native architecture.

Accelerate Productivity
Reduce Cost
Low Risk

Why Another Database?

You build apps differently today. You deploy apps differently. But if you are still using the same old monolithic databases, then you probably struggle with lower developer productivity, higher operational costs and elevated organization risk. It’s time you fully embrace the cloud native world with a modern, distributed database.

Legacy Relational DB
Strong consistency
ACID transactions
Relational data model
Manual sharding
Bolt-on replication
No geo-distribution
Non-relational DB
Horizontal scalability
Native replication
No ACID consistency
No indexes
No relational model
Cloud DB
Ease of use
Cloud lock-in
Not open source
Limited geo-distribution

The Advantages of Adopting YugabyteDB

YugabyteDB is turbocharged PostgreSQL built for new and existing business-critical applications–delivered as a flexible service.

Meet the Cloud Native, Transactional Database
Horizontal Scalability
Horizontal Scalability
Rapidly scale out and in to easily respond to changing business demands.
High Availability
High Availability
Survive node, zone, region and data center failures with resilient data.
Distribute data globally with consistent, ACID transactions.
Dynamic Workloads
Use the PostgreSQL API or the semi-relational API based on CQL.
PostgreSQL Compatibility
PostgreSQL Compatibility
Enjoy the most PostgreSQL compatible distributed SQL database on the planet.
Span public, private and hybrid clouds to avoid lock-in and enjoy cloud freedom.
Open Source
Open Source
Enjoy the security and transparency from 100% open source database.
Native Security
Native Security
Protect data with a database designed with security as a top priority.

Top Use Cases for YugabyteDB

Database Modernization
Legacy databases were not designed for modern, cloud native apps. It's time to boost your productivity with a modern, distributed data layer, which combines relational data modeling and powerful RDBMS capabilities with the resilience, scale, and geo-distribution of cloud native databases.
Database Modernization
Cloud Native Applications
Cloud native apps demand a highly scalable and resilient architecture. YugabyteDB is designed to run anywhere, scale rapidly across distributed clusters, and withstand hardware and cloud failures—exactly what you want when developing Kubernetes and microservice-based applications.
Cloud Native Applications
Edge and Streaming
Streaming apps collect data from the edge and aggregate them in the cloud, but that doesn’t mean we need to return to a world of IT silos. YugabyteDB is a versatile cloud native database built for the heterogenous, hybrid environments powering your edge and streaming applications around the world.
Edge and Streaming

YugabyteDB’s Innovative Architecture

YugabyteDB combines familiar, proven technologies like PostgreSQL and RocksDB in an innovative, two-layer architecture. The powerful combination delivers the best of SQL and NoSQL in a unified database that can run on any cloud.

Pluggable Query Layer

YSQL API (Postgres Compatible)
YCQL API (Based on CQL)
Other APIs (future)

Distributed, Transactional Storage Layer

Automatic Sharding
Load Balancing
Distributed Transactions
Raft Consensus

Deploy Anywhere

Flexible Consumption Options

Choose the product offering that best meets your business needs. You can download and use open source YugabyteDB for free, or pick a fully-managed or self-managed DBaaS option to simplify management and deployment at scale.

YugabyteDB Managed
YugabyteDB Anywhere
Data Location
Yugabyte’s public cloud
Your public, private or hybrid cloud
Your public, private or hybrid cloud
Management Requirement
Fully managed by Yugabyte
Automation software for simplified self-management
24/7 enterprise support and services
24/7 enterprise support and services
Community support

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