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  • YugabyteDB YCQL Fundamentals Community Training and Certification
    Training June 24, 2021 US / June 25, 2021 India Online

    An instructor-led, 90 min training and certification covering using YugabyteDB’s YCQL API, including YCQL overview, YugabyteDB vs Cassandra, expressions, datatypes, transactions, and more. Starts at 8:00 PM PT (June 24) / 8:30 AM IST (June 25).

  • High Performance Design and Architecture in a Distributed SQL Database
    Webinar June 30, 2021 Online

    In this talk, we will explore the additional pushdown optimizations and internal designs that are needed in a distributed SQL database to make it a high performance system.

  • Distributed SQL Fundamentals: Horizontal Scaling
    Webinar July 1, 2021 Online

    In this talk, we will discuss horizontal scaling: what it is, how it compares with vertical scaling, its strengths and weaknesses, and why it should be a requirement for your next application database.