Reimagining the relational database for the cloud

YugabyteDB uniquely combines enterprise-grade relational database capabilities with the horizontal scalability and resilience of cloud native architectures. YugabyteDB is like PostgreSQL reimagined for a cloud native world.

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YugabyteDB is Apache 2.0 licensed and runs on Kubernetes, VMs, and bare metal across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

YugabyteDB is Distributed SQL

  • Icon: Yugabyte Library Requirements

    PostgreSQL Compatibility

    YugabyteDB is more than just wire compatible with PostgreSQL, it is code compatible. YugabyteDB achieves this by reusing PostgreSQL’s query layer to achieve a high degree of compatibility with existing PostgreSQL applications or those that can be migrated to PostgreSQL. This also means that developers can be immediately productive with the ecosystem of PostgreSQL compatible frameworks, applications, drivers, and tools. Learn more >

  • YB Icon Distributed SQL

    Advanced Relational Database Capabilities

    YugabyteDB delivers a comprehensive set of advanced RDBMS features like triggers, functions, stored procedures, strong secondary indexes, and distributed ACID transactions. This means that developers no longer need to choose between the horizontal scalability of NoSQL systems and the ACID guarantees of traditional SQL systems. Learn more >

  • YB Icon Lightning Performance

    Resilience and High Availability

    With YugabyteDB, critical services can remain available during node, zone, region, and data center failures with fast failovers. YugabyteDB heals itself by re-replicating data automatically, and delivers zero downtime on maintenance tasks such as software upgrades, security patching, and distributed backups. Learn more >

  • YB Icon Scale-up

    Horizontal Scalability

    Operations teams can effortlessly scale out even under heavy load without disruption or downtime by simply adding nodes to their YugabyteDB cluster. The database automatically rebalances load to use available resources. YugabyteDB’s shared nothing architecture is designed with no single point of failure or bottleneck. Learn more >

  • YB Icon Multi Region Deployment

    Geographic Distribution

    YugabyteDB offers the most comprehensive and flexible deployment options in geo-distributed environments. Operators can make use of synchronous and asynchronous data replication and geo-partitioning to achieve desired consistency, resilience, performance, and compliance objectives. Learn more >

  • YB Icon: Shield


    YugabyteDB is built from the ground up with data security in mind. The database enables organizations to maintain a robust security posture with built-in controls such as LDAP authentication, role-based access control (RBAC), data encryption at rest and in transit (TLS), audit logging, and column-level permissions. You can also get advanced features such as row level security (RLS) and column-level encryption for more advanced use cases. Learn more >

Use Cases for YugabyteDB

YugabyteDB is perfect for transactional applications and services that require data to be strongly consistent and highly available even in the face of data center, zone, and region failures.

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    Cloud native applications

    Build microservices by leveraging modern cloud native frameworks such as GraphQL in any language of your choice like Django, Spring, Go, and more.

  • YB Icon Scale Up (no circle)

    IoT and event data apps

    Use YugabyteDB for IoT and event data applications that demand high throughput, low read latency, support for large data sets, massively concurrent connections, robust security, and relational capabilities.

  • YB Icon Multi Region Deployment

    Geo-distributed workloads

    Use comprehensive and flexible data replication across zones, regions, and clouds as well as granular geo-partitioning capabilities to achieve desired resilience, performance, and compliance objectives.

  • YB Icon - RDBMS

    Database modernization

    Move your monolithic Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 workloads to a modern distributed SQL database with minimal disruption and retooling. If you can migrate to PostgreSQL, you can migrate to YugabyteDB.


Built for Kubernetes

YugabyteDB has been designed from the ground up to run natively in Kubernetes and deliver ACID transactions, horizontal scalability, high availability, and multi-region deployments.

You can manage your data infrastructure anywhere you want including Microsoft AKS, Amazon EKS, Google GKE, Red Hat OpenShift, and VMware Tanzu.

Get started in any cloud, container or data center