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As the largest supermarket in the US and a top 5 retailer world-wide, Kroger knows all about the challenges of modern retail.

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Kroger’s existing solution stack runs in on-premises computing and monolithic apps not designed for rapid change and evolution.


By embracing a modern data layer with YugabyteDB, Kroger powers high-value microservices faster and with greater flexibility.

As the largest supermarket in the US and a top 5 retailer, Kroger has evolved its business thanks to cutting edge technology

Kroger Online

As a long-time retailer at the highest levels, Kroger has a huge legacy investment in technology to support their business. They operate supermarkets, specialist retail outlets, regional brands and they integrate down their supply chain—all on a scale matched by few retailers—to deliver a localized experience across a whole continent.

They are always looking for ways to get more from their technology investment and exploit new technologies to compete more and more effectively. A strategy priorities to focus on app modernization and multi-cloud highlighted the need for a cloud native database.

Business Challenges Faced - icon


  • Migration to cloud computing hampered by monolithic systems
  • Slow developer productivity impacting business responsiveness
  • High costs of operating legacy database systems impact margins


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Key Database Requirements

Kroger needed a globally distributed database that could power modern ecommerce microservices at scale. Their requirements include:

  • Be cloud native but interoperate seamlessly with existing on-premises infrastructure
  • Empower agile development of new and replacement services
  • Embrace open-source software with its strong focus on quality and responsiveness
  • Deliver geo-distributed solutions to secure high-availability, low-latency local experiences

Kroger took the time to convince ourselves that all the features we needed were available from Yugabyte and that it meets our needs.

Mahesh TyagarajanVP Engineering

Yugabyte Solution


Geo-distributed, resilient clusters provide low latency for critical ecommerce applications

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Small initial footprint with auto-scale-out for cost-effective management of seasonal spikes


Modern architecture built for microservices enables Kroger to embrace cloud native benefits

Business Results

  • Operational simplicity and efficiency
  • Sub-10 millisecond performance
  • CQL and SQL support accelerate migration
  • Rapid TTM: 1st production app in 15 weeks
  • Easily meet massive eCommerce peaks
  • Rapid response to changing business needs
Kroger Enhances Customer Experience with YugabyteDB database

Kroger Helps Customers with Omnichannel Optimization on YugabyteDB

Data is at the heart of innovation in retail. It also plays a critical role in driving transformative customer experiences. Unfortunately, the existing data layer powering key services forces unacceptable tradeoffs — whether in data consistency, scale, cost, or flexibility.

Explore how Kroger is making the right digital transformation investments using a modern data layer to power a flexible growth engine for their business.

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