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Relationship data

Admiral provides services to thousands of publishers around the globe, helping to grow their visitor relationships and revenue. Admiral must handle relationship data instantly and in a highly configurable way based on user and publisher preferences.


The previous MongoDB solution was neither flexible nor scalable enough to handle this large, complex dataset. Evaluating CockroachDB resulted in significant hiccups in latency.

Distributed database

Admiral chose YugabyteDB for its comprehensive geo-distribution capabilities and to drive single-digit low latency, massive scalability, and high performance–all while future-proofing their system for exponential growth.

Admiral is the leading Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) platform, serving thousands of publishers worldwide.

Admiral empowers publishers to engage their audiences to drive and optimize revenue streams from paywalls to adblock recovery. Admiral’s one-tag solution provides free revenue analytics and a suite of engagement, CCPA/GDPR privacy compliance, subscription, and revenue growth models.

Admiral is trusted around the globe by thousands of publishers including Advance Local, Bored Panda, Raw Story, and Q.Digital.

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Key Database Requirements

Admiral needed a highly scalable, globally available database that would perform at scale. Their requirements include:

  • Geo-distribution of data for low-latency reads close to end users
  • Cloud native with low operational complexity in production
  • High performance low-latency reads across the cloud (Google Compute Engine)
  • High scalability, especially during sustained growth in both data and user traffic

Yugabyte Solution

YB Icon - Cloud Native

Distributed SQL to accelerate the learning curve because familiar SQL schemas and semantics apply

YB Icon Multi Region Deployment

Geo-distributed deployments with multi-region primary clusters and read replicas across 5 regions and 3 continents


Deployed on Admiral’s Google Cloud VPC for maximum security and effective cost control

Technical Results


per second


Nodes across 5 regions
and 3 continents

5 MS

Read/write latency

YugabyteDB is a solid technical choice that meets all of our key requirements, including massive scale, high performance, low latency reads, and cloud native out-of-the-box. In addition, the support team at Yugabyte is incredibly responsive, beyond what we’ve experienced with other vendors.

We evaluated CockroachDB, but decided to go with YugabyteDB because we got 3x better performance with fewer resources, while avoiding the significant hiccups in latency we saw with CockroachDB.

James HartigCo-Founder, Admiral

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Admiral’s Promise to 1600+ Publishers: Unmatched Availability and Unparalleled Low Latency

Thanks to YugabyteDB Managed, Admiral can guarantee over 1600 publishers robust uptime and swift data access through, strengthening their Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) platform for better global audience engagement and monetization strategies. With a multi-region deployment on Google Cloud, their geo-distributed app offers unmatched availability and sub-10ms read latency.

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How Admiral Scales Globally with YugabyteDB on Google Cloud While Maintaining Single-Digit Latency.

What if you’re a small company running a SaaS application in the cloud with millions of end users, and you need to scale globally at single-digit latency? Admiral helps online publishers engage with visitors through adblock recovery, paid subscriptions, privacy and consent management, and more. Our dataset is large and complex. The previous NoSQL database couldn’t scale, so we moved to distributed SQL. Our Go application runs in Google Cloud across 5 regions in 3 continents.

Admiral Uses YugabyteDB for Global Scale with Single Digit Millisecond Latency

Admiral helps online publishers engage with visitors through adblock recovery, paid subscriptions, privacy and consent management, and more. Admiral’s cloud native application runs in Google Cloud across 5 regions in 3 continents.

Hear from Admiral’s Co-Founder, James Hartig, about how this geo-distributed architecture is powered by a single YugabyteDB cluster that delivers an average global read latency of under 5ms.