YugabyteDB Aeon offers a unified pricing model for all deployment options.
Pick the pricing tier based on the features you need.

Pricing Tiers

Good for startups and scale-ups needing seamless scalability, availability, and zone-level resilience.
Starting at
/ vCPU / month
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For global businesses that need advanced multi-region capabilities, region-level resilience, scalability, and/or compliance with data residency requirements.
Starting at
/ vCPU / month
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Designed for enterprises needing advanced multi-region capabilities, higher performance and availability, or enterprise security features.
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Storage and data transfer costs are additional. For more details, click here.
Disk storage$0.10/GB per month
Cloud backup storage$0.025/GB per month
Data transfer – Same region$0.01/GB
Data transfer – Cross region (APAC)$0.08/GB
Data transfer – Cross region (Other regions)$0.02/GB
Data transfer – Internet$0.10/GB
*All prices are in U.S. dollars (USD).

Product Features

Standard Professional Enterprise
Core DB FeaturesiIncludes PostgreSQL API (YSQL), Cassandra API (YCQL), Change Data Capture (self- and co-managed), single-region fault tolerance, PostgreSQL extensions.
Core Security and NetworkingiIncludes core Role Based Access Control (RBAC), encryption in transit, core encryption at rest, VPC Peering and Private Link.
Core IntegrationsiIncludes drivers and ORMs, schema migration, data integration, app frameworks, data discovery, and developer tools (AtomicJar, Django, Hasura and Spring).
Data MigrationiIncludes YugabyteDB Voyager for data and schema migration with pre-migration assessments, live migration (Oracle and PostgreSQL), and fall-back/fall-forward capabilities.
Core AutomationiAutomate with REST API, CLI, or Terraform Provider. Also includes adjustable periodic full backups and for fully-managed automated upgrades and automated security patching.
Core ObservabilityiIncludes built-in metrics (such as live queries and slow queries), built-in alerts as well as built-in PostgreSQL extensions (pg_stat_statements, pg_hint_plan, …).
SupportiIncludes 365x24x7 support
Global Deployment TopologiesiDeploy global apps with multi-region stretched clusters, Read Replicas or row-level geo-partitioning for data residency.
Enhanced ObservabilityiIncludes built-in Performance Advisor and supports exporting metrics to 3rd party tools, exporting audit logs, and sending alerts to external tools (webhooks).
Enterprise SecurityiIncludes encryption at rest with Customer Managed Keys (CMK) and authentication via Single Sign On with OpenID Connect (OIDC). Add-on
Business Continuity / Disaster RecoveryiIncludes disaster recovery (DR) orchestration for failover and switchover (self- and co-managed), Point-in-time-Recovery (PITR) and blue-green upgrades. Add-on
Enterprise IntegrationsiIntegrate with leading partner solutions including Commvault, Delphix and Nutanix.
Bring Your Own Cloud OptioniDeploy YugbyteDB on standard infrastructure in your environment and have Yugabyte manage it for you.

Professional Tier Add-ons

Additional capabilities are available as add-ons for the Professional tier. These capabilities are included in the Enterprise tier.
Enterprise Security
Single sign-on (SSO), custom audit log retention, advanced security profile, customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK)
/ vCPU / month
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Point in time recovery (PITR), disaster recovery (DR) workflows (failover, fail forward, failback)
/ vCPU / month

Flexible Deployment

Deploy YugabyteDB as open source software or choose from a range of flexible database-as-a-service (DBaaS) options offered by YugabyteDB Aeon.


Is YugabyteDB free?

The open source database is free to download and use without restrictions. The database-as-a-service is a paid offering, and is available in a range of flexible deployment options.

How does payment work after the free trial?

You will have access to the full range of features in YugabyteDB Aeon from the start of your free trial. After the trial ends, you will need to subscribe to a plan to ensure uninterrupted service.

Is the price the same for all DBaaS deployment options?

Yes! The pricing model for YugabyteDB Aeon is based on product features, not deployment options. So whether you pick Aeon or Aeon BYOC, the price is the same.

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