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YugabyteDB is available as open source software and in a range of flexible database-as-a-service models. Choose the option that works best for you.

Deployment Choices

Deployment Options Fully Managed (YugabyteDB Managed) Sign Up Co-Managed Book a Demo Self-Managed (YugabyteDB Anywhere) Book a Demo Open Source Download Free
Data Location Yugabyte public cloud Your public cloud Your cloud or data center Your cloud or data center
Infrastructure Location Yugabyte public cloud Your public cloud Your cloud or data center Your cloud or data center
Management Responsibilities Managed by Yugabyte Managed by Yugabyte Yugabyte orchestration, managed by you Your orchestration stack, managed by you
Simplicity/Flexibility Scale
Deployment Options Fully Managed Sign Up Co-Managed Book a Demo Self-Managed Book a Demo Open Source Download Free
Core Database Features
PostgreSQL runtime compatibility
ACID transactions
Multi-API (PostgreSQL and Cassandra-inspired)
Column-level locking
Native JSON support
Row- and table-level TTL
Full cursor, triggers, and stored procedures
Cost-based optimizer
Modern Database Capabilities
Bimodal query execution with colocated tables
Non-disruptive, limitless horizontal scale
Continuous availability during node, zone, and region failures
Policy-based geo-partitioning
Read replicas
Follower reads
Preferred region placement
Continuous rebalancing
Native Kubernetes support
Wait-on-conflict concurrency control
ORM support
Multi-region clusters
Multi-cloud clusters
xCluster asynchronous replication
Transactionally consistent change data capture (CDC)
Cloud Native Operations
YugabyteDB Voyager migration tool
Automated non-disruptive, rolling upgrades
Multi-cloud cluster orchestration
Observability metrics and dashboard
Multi-cluster management
Specified maintenance windows
Automated backup scheduling
Terraform Provider
Intelligent Performance Advisor
Automated geo-located, distributed restores
Incremental backups
Orchestrated snapshots and PITR
Advanced Security
Role-based access control
Encryption at rest
Encrypted backups
Row-level security
OIDC-based authentication
Third-party KMS support
Support for certificate managers
Customer Managed Keys (CMK)
AWS and Azure Private Link
Managed Services
Automatic hardware provisioning
Managed upgrades
Managed multi-cloud orchestration
Automatic backups
24×7 remote monitoring
Automated email alerts
SOC 2 certified
CSA Trusted Cloud Provider
Unified billing including IaaS cost
Support and License
Community support
Emergency patches
24/7/365 priority support
Apache 2.0 + commercial
Apache 2.0
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How does the YugabyteDB free trial work?

You will have access to the full range of features in YugabyteDB’s fully-managed deployment from the start of your trial. After the trial ends, your paid subscription will begin automatically to ensure uninterrupted service. If you cancel within the first seven days, there will be no charges.

What is the co-managed deployment option?

Our powerful, flexible co-managed deployment option combines the best of self-managed and fully-managed deployments. Also known as the “bring-your-own-cloud” option, our co-managed solution allows you to host your data on your own infrastructure, whether cloud-based or on-premises, while offloading day-to-day database management and operations.

What are the billing options for the fully-managed deployment of YugabyteDB?

Yugabyte offers two billing options:

  • Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) billing, where usage is metered in billing increments of a minute, and you pay for actual usage.
  • Subscription billing, where customers commit to a certain number of vCPUs for a fixed term and are invoiced at the start of the contract.
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