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Introducing YugabyteDB Aeon

Yugabyte Team

We are thrilled to announce a new name for our database-as-a-service: YugabyteDB Aeon!

YugabyteDB Aeon is a PostgreSQL-compatible managed cloud database service designed for modern applications. It is fully distributed, multi-region, and multi-cloud. YugabyteDB Aeon automates the deployment, scaling, management, and recovery of YugabyteDB databases across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. YugabyteDB Aeon was previously called YugabyteDB Managed.

With YugabyteDB Aeon, you can start quickly. Just create an account and spin up databases in minutes, all without worrying about operational complexity. A free trial of YugabyteDB Aeon allows you to explore the full potential of a dedicated YugabyteDB Aeon cluster completely free of charge for a limited time.

Customers seeking infrastructure flexibility can use YugabyteDB Aeon BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud), which enables the deployment of YugabyteDB clusters in any public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. This option allows you to leverage your existing cloud infrastructure, while benefiting from YugabyteDB managed services.

Our PostgreSQL-compatible distributed database, YugabyteDB, remains 100% open source and free to use. YugabyteDB Aeon represents our commercial DBaaS offering, providing operational simplicity through automation and 24/7 enterprise support.

YugabyteDB 100% open source and free to use

You can check out our comparison page to find out which deployment option best suits your business.

Unified Licensing and Pricing

YugabyteDB Aeon offers a unified pricing and licensing model for all deployment options, including Aeon and Aeon BYOC. Our tiered per-VCPU pricing is based on features and service packages, not deployment options.

We offer three pricing tiers to address the needs of different organizations:

  1. Standard is good for startups and scale-ups needing seamless scalability or availability-zone level resilience.
  2. Professional is for global businesses that need advanced multi-region capabilities, resilience to region-level failures, scalability, and/or compliance with data residency requirements.
  3. Enterprise is designed for businesses needing advanced multi-region capabilities, higher performance and availability, or enterprise security features.

Simply choose the tier that best fits your needs and pay for the number of vCPUs you use. You can mix and match Aeon and Aeon BYOC deployments to suit your applications. Professional tier customers can purchase add-ons to get additional capabilities, including enterprise security and business continuity/disaster recovery.

To find out more, visit our pricing page.

Why The Name Change?

To simplify how YugabyteDB clusters are deployed and managed, we introduced YugabyteDB Anywhere, a commercial database-as-a-service product, in 2018 to complement our open source YugabyteDB database. This was released as a bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) solution running in a customer’s cloud environment, and was managed either by the customer or by Yugabyte.

We later introduced YugabyteDB Managed, a fully-managed DBaaS where the data is stored in Yugabyte’s public cloud environments and fully managed by Yugabyte.

YugabyteDB Anywhere and YugabyteDB Managed provide organizations with complete deployment flexibility when it comes to automating database and infrastructure management.

However, having different names for the deployment options led to confusion about whether they are different products. To dispel this confusion and make it clear that these are deployment options of one unified product, we are unifying the product name – YugabyteDB Aeon.

Ready to Try it Out?

Sign-up for a free YugabyteDB Aeon account and experience a fully-managed cloud-native DBaaS that is:

  • PostgreSQL compatible
  • Highly available and resilient to failures
  • Geo-distributed for global applications
  • Effortless

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Yugabyte Team

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