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All the features of the open source edition plus:

Read Replicas + Security & Compliance + Distributed Backups + Tiered Storage
Multi-Cloud Orchestration + No Cloud Lock-in + Monitoring & Alerting


Cloud Native Operations
Simplified management & monitoring powered by the YugaByte DB Admin Console.
Multi-Cloud Cluster Orchestration

Configure and deploy clusters across clouds and data centers.
No Cloud Lock-in

Move across public and private clouds at will.
Monitoring & Alerting

Comprehensive monitoring & alerting without any configuration.
Enterprise-Grade Features
Read Replicas
Low latency, timeline-consistent reads even in remote regions.
Security & Compliance
In-flight and at-rest encryption to protect your mission-critical data.
Distributed Backups
One-click distributed backups and restores for clusters of any size.
Tiered Storage
Reduce costs with auto-tiering of cold data to cheaper storage
Production Support
24/7 Technical Support
Enterprise web and phone support SLAs.
Hot Fixes
Prioritized fixes and feature enhancements for production issues.