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Trustt delivers a cloud-based SaaS platform and GPT-based Conversational Suite to help banks, NBFCs and fintechs improve their customers’ digital experience.


Trustt needed a modern database, built to meet the demands of the financial industry, that provided horizontal scalability, resilience and operational efficiency to new and existing apps.

YugabyteDB was the perfect database solution, meeting all their critical requirements and cost-effictively delivering distributed ACID compliance and multi-API support.

YugabyteDB was the perfect database solution, meeting all their critical requirements and cost-effictively delivering distributed ACID compliance and multi-API support.

Trustt Required a Modern, Scalable Database to Power Their Expanding Microservices

As a global digital banking solutions provider, Trustt helps banks, NBFCs, and fintechs rapidly configure and deliver financial products to customers. Trustt’s portfolio includes digital lending, digital distribution, payments, and digital identity offerings and generative AI based solutions, all of which can be tailored to meet client needs. 

Trustt’s platform: 

  • Powers over 130,000 retail points 
  • Serves over three million customer walk-ins per month 
  • Manages a loan book of over $1.3 billion USD (₹10,000 Cr) 
  • Processes payment transactions worth $266 million USD (₹2,000 Cr) monthly

Trustt’s cloud-based SaaS banking platform and GPT-based Conversational Suite help automate and improve customers’ digital journeys and are among their fastest growing tech solutions. These offerings are powered by a composable architecture based on microservices that require the full capabilities of a distributed database. 

Traditional database solutions were unable to deliver the horizontal scalability and strongly consistent transactions required by their critical financial applications.

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Prior to deploying a distributed SQL database, Trustt used MySQL to support their composable architecture with microservices. As their business grew and they required an agile, cloud native architecture, they faced the following challenges:

  • App growth limited by data scaling: It was difficult and time consuming for Trustt to expand their persistent solutions as they either had to scale vertically or perform manual data sharding. No ability to scale on-demand also led to higher upfront costs.
  • Complex resiliency and availability: For fault tolerance and high availability they needed to complete complex setup, plus time-consuming archival and purging tasks.
  • Database sprawl drove up costs: Requirements for handling both structured and unstructured data across different apps led to inefficiencies, with multiple data platforms being used along with MySQL.
  • High costs of legacy databases: Traditional databases have high license costs and required specialized skills and experience to support persistence layer management and administration. The high cost of licenses for traditional database systems, along with the higher operating costs, took resources away from value-add and high-priority projects.
  • Service downtime and unavailability: Legacy databases require offline upgrades and lack high availability. This means that maintenance windows for outages need to be proactively communicated and managed.
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Key Database Requirements

Trustt sought a new database solution that would address the above challenges and would deliver cost savings and provide better developer support, scalability, resiliency, operational efficiency, and platform security. Trustt also required strong integration with AWS infrastructure and AWS services, like MSK.

Their primary requirements included:

  • Elastic scalability to seamlessly scale out with new nodes
  • Distributed ACID transactions for strong data consistency
  • Enterprise-class security with data encryption at rest and in motion
  • Automated system upgrades with zero downtime
  • Built-in automation to reduce operational costs (auto-sharding, auto-rebalancing, performance advisory tools)
  • CDC integration with Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (AWS MSK)

“In summary, YugabyteDB addressed the challenges of developer support, scalability and resilience, operational efficiency, platform security, and cost savings for both us and our clients.”

Manoj MathewChief Technical Architect

Business Results


different retail points powered by Trustt


monthly customer walk-ins supported


of business-critical loans managed

YugabyteDB Solution


Reduced dependence on DBAs by performing management tasks with YugabyteDB Anywhere.

Enhanced security with cloud native features, including automated upgrades, data access control, data encryption, and data locality enforcement.

Seamlessly deployed on AWS leveraging the integration between YugabyteDB CDC and AWS MKS.