Introducing YugabyteDB 2.19 Turbocharged PostgreSQL for Business-Critical Applications

YugabyteDB 2.19 is now the ideal database to support massively scalable applications as well as existing PostgreSQL applications held back by
re-architecture and performance concerns.

Benefit from features like the bimodal query execution engine, distribution-aware cost-based optimizer, pgvector support, and built-in connection management!

Key Features Found in YugabyteDB 2.19

Download YugabyteDB 2.19 today! Plus, try out the enhanced yugabyted tool to quickly and easily deploy and operate your YugabyteDB clusters.

Discover YugabyteDB 2.19 and all the new features you can’t live without.
Find out what's new in our DSS keynote blog, which highlights YugabyteDB 2.19 key features.
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