Operational Simplicity at Scale with a Private DBaaS

For enterprises that want to use YugabyteDB in cloud native environments at scale, Yugabyte Platform is an offering that delivers a streamlined operational experience, as well as comprehensive support and services.

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Yugabyte Platform gives you the simplicity and support to deliver a private database-as-a-service (DBaaS) at scale. Use Yugabyte Platform to deploy YugabyteDB across any cloud anywhere in the world with a few clicks, simplify day 2 operations through automation, and get the services needed to realize business outcomes with the database.

Yugabyte Platform Benefits

Unleash developer productivity

Enable developers to spin up a database for their apps in minutes so they can focus on building applications.

Achieve operational efficiency

Lower operational costs and technical risks associated with managing a large, geographically distributed database footprint through automation.

Accelerate time
to market

Focus on innovation by delivering differentiated applications with elastic scaling of the database tier and seamless provisioning.

With YugabyteDB and Yugabyte Platform, we are able to scale rapidly. Our partnership means onboarding new customers and maintaining GDPR compliance becomes a competitive advantage.

The ability to scale and rebalance very large datasets without downtime or performance bottlenecks is critical to our customers and our business. YugabyteDB helps us focus on growing our business instead of maintaining a complex caching and relational database architecture.

Aman SinglaCo-Founder and Head of Engineering, Plume

Stephane DuboisCEO, Xignite

With Yugabyte Platform, you get…

YugabyteDB Open Source Distributed SQL Database


  • PostgreSQL API
  • Scalable DB with automatic sharding, replication, and load balancing
  • Synchronous and asynchronous replication
  • Multi-row ACID transactions
  • High throughput and low latency in a geo-distributed environment
  • Security and compliance
  • Integrations with DevOps ecosystem
  • Data migration tools
  • Incremental backups and point in time recovery
  • Change data capture

Platform Customers

  • Kroger Logo

    Kroger achieves high
    availability and scalability without
    cloud vendor lock-in

  • Narvar Logo

    Narvar migrated
    from AWS to GCP

  • Plume Logo

    Plume manages +300K transactions / sec globally with Yugabyte Platform and achieves high availability

  • Justuno Logo

    Justuno simplified
    their database operations dramatically

Simple Per Core Pricing

Other vendors charge a premium for “enterprise” features or force you to make complex usage calculations to avoid surprise bills. Yugabyte Platform subscriptions are priced per core and include all the features, software and support you need.

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