Automated Database Management At-Scale

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Build Your Own DB-as-a-Service on Any Cloud or Kubernetes Infrastructure

Centrally Manage a Fleet of Clusters Across Multiple Environments

Automated Backups, Security By Default and 24/7 Reliability


Cloud Native Operations
Automated cluster deployments, scaling, upgrades, backups & monitoring.
Multi-Cloud Cluster Orchestration

Configure and deploy clusters across clouds and data centers.
No Cloud Lock-in

Move across public and private clouds at will.
Monitoring & Alerting

Comprehensive monitoring & alerting without any configuration.
Production Support
24/7 Technical Support
Enterprise web and phone support SLAs.
Hot Fixes
Prioritized fixes and feature enhancements for production issues.
Adopt YugabyteDB Your Way
FeatureBenefitYugabyteDBYugabyte Platform
Distributed SQL DBSelf-Managed Software
Core Features
Distributed Document StoreLinear scaling of reads and writes across multiple regions. High availability under any failure. Built on a durable LSM storage engine with Raft distributed consensus-based strongly consistent replication with inspiration from Google Spanner. Written ground-up in C++ for high performance.YESYES
ACID TransactionsBlazing fast single-key and single-shard ACID for majority workloads. Fully distributed ACID whenever needed for high data integrity.YESYES
Distributed SQL APIsServe both scale-out RDBMS and internet-scale OLTP workloads with low query latency, extreme resilience against failures and global data distribution. PostgreSQL compatible.YESYES
Basic SecurityIncludes internal authentication and authorization. Ready for storing sensitive, mission-critical data without fear of compromise.YESYES
Bring-Your-Own AdministrationPlug into your existing DevOps toolchain. E.g. orchestrate clusters with Kubernetes/Chef, monitor/alert via Prometheus.YESYES
Data Migration Tools Migrate out of legacy databases easily.YESYES
Enterprise-Grade Features
Read ReplicasLow-latency, timeline-consistent reads in remote regions by reading from local read replicas. Write latencies remain low. Powered by asynchronous replication.YESYES
Preferred Region Placement & Continuous BalancingLow-latency, strongly consistent reads optimized for well-known primary regions.YESYES
Security & ComplianceEncryption in-flight and at rest. Integration with key management systems.YESYES
Distributed Backups & RestoreYour mission-critical data protected against unforeseen disasters with extreme ease.YESYES
Change Data Capture [BETA]Drive external apps such as OLAP analytics or Kafka streaming by capturing row-level, in-sequence change streams.YESYES
2-Data Center DeploymentsRemove WAN latency from the write path through Master-Follower and Multi-Master 2-Data Center deployments. Powered by Change Data Capture streams.YESYES
Cloud Native Operational Excellence
Multi-Cloud Cluster OrchestrationOne-click create/expand/shrink of clusters across multiple regions on any cloud.YES
No Cloud Lock-inNatively integrated with public cloud platforms to automate deployments. Seamless portability across clouds avoids lock-in. YES
Monitoring & AlertingComplete performance and availability monitoring solution.YES
Highly Reliable Admin ConsoleAlways available to monitor and manage your clusters.YES
Emergency PatchesGet emergency patches not yet released in open source.YES
Coverage & ChannelsYour apps do not have downtime, neither does our support. Slack, GitHub & Forum24/7/365 Web & Phone
LicenseApache 2.0Commercial
PricingFreeBased on the number of CPU cores (physical or virtual) in your environment.