Justuno helps increase the ecommerce revenue streams of
over 188k brands using AI and Distributed SQL

YugabyteDB is the open source, high-performance distributed SQL database for global, internet-scale apps. Schedule a demo, or learn more at yugabyte.com

Justuno provides Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for websites to help retailers increase their revenue an average of 135% in the first year of using the software.
Enabling personalized onsite messaging, intelligent cross-selling and upselling visitors demands single-digit latency and high availability, Justuno previously relied on a variety of databases including CockroachDB, but its poor performance became a liability.
YugabyteDB enabled Justuno to consolidate their database sprawl, reduce latency, and dramatically simplify their data infrastructure operations.

Justuno is a cloud-native website visitor conversion optimization platform

Justuno uses behavioral indicators to choose the right promotion or tactic for each stage of the buyer’s journey. YugabyteDB stores and serves these visitor profiles and their related data. This data must be highly available and quickly accessed with very low latency.

Brands like Pura Vida Bracelets, Blenders Eyewear, and Rothy’s shoes, as well as tens of thousands of Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, WordPress and BigCommerce retailers rely on Justuno’s conversion platform to drive customer engagement and sales.

Key Requirements

Justuno needed a cloud native SQL database that automatically distributes data, is always available, and delivers high performance.

  • Single-digit latency for both writes and reads
  • Point-and-click on-demand scaling of clusters
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership with minimal operational overhead
  • High scalability, especially during workload spikes on a multi-tenant system hosting tens of thousands of websites
By consolidating our Cassandra, Neo4j, Microsoft SQL Server, and CockroachDB systems into a single YugabyteDB cluster we were able to radically simplify our operations while gaining the ability to easily scale our cluster up or down to meet seasonal demands.
Travis Logan
With YugabyteDB, all the enterprise features you need to go to production are open source, giving you more freedom and control. For this reason, we chose Yugabyte as a strategic partner to help us grow our business.

YugabyteDB Solution

Simplified management and monitoring of clusters with Yugabyte Platform
A 16 node database cluster across 3 Google Cloud Availability Zones
Better performance with 3x fewer nodes than CockroachDB

Technical Details

20k+ qps
SQL queries
per second
1 Database cluster
Consolidated from five database types to a single database system that fulfills multiple requirements
< 3 ms reads/writes
Very low latency allows Justuno to profile more customer data points