YugaByte DB + Docker

Cloud Native Transactional Database
for Globally Distributed Apps

ACID Transactions and NoSQL APIs

Docker-Ready High Performance Database

Now Orchestrate YugaByte DB
with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes

Decentralized Data Management for Microservices
  • Run natively on Docker Swarm and Kubernetes with Docker CE or EE.

  • Easy multi-region and multi-cloud operations now at the operational data tier.

  • Infrastructure portability with zero downtime changes to instance type, storage type, rack, region and even cloud platforms at any time.

  • Fault-tolerant and self-healing database that is resilient to failures at any infrastructure layer.

  • Fully observable using Prometheus time-series monitoring.

  • More benefits than AWS DynamoDB, Azure Cosmos DB and Google Cloud Spanner and that too without the proprietary cloud vendor lock-in.

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Power Fast-Growing Online Services
with Unmatched Developer Efficiency

YugaByte DB Management UI
Distributed ACID Transactions
Distributed ACID Transactions
Distributed ACID Transactions
Low Latency &
High Throughput
Distributed ACID Transactions
Global Data Distribution
Distributed ACID Transactions
Cassandra, Redis, and PostgreSQL Compatible APIs
Distributed ACID Transactions
Container and
Multi-Cloud Native
Distributed ACID Transactions
Apache 2.0 Open Source

Deploy a Planet-Scale Transactional Database in Minutes!

YugaByte DB + Docker

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