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The Catalan Health Authority is upgrading their medical records system, which serves 8 million Catalans and supports concurrent access and updates from 80,000 healthcare professionals.


New regulations mandate broad and reliable access to patient health data, requiring healthcare providers to share electronic patient records, faster, more securely, and with greater reliability than before.

YugabyteDB was selected for its ability to deliver massive scale, built-in resilience for 24/7 data access, strong PostgreSQL compatibility, and natively support a two-datacenter topology.

YugabyteDB was selected for its ability to deliver massive scale, built-in resilience for 24/7 data access, strong PostgreSQL compatibility, and natively support a two-datacenter topology.

Catalan Health Authority embraces patient-centric health data management with a new open-source electronic health records management system

Historically, health data management was siloed, with data held by care providers, insurance companies, and test equipment providers. This prevented a unified view of patient health data and timely access for new providers. 

To accelerate the modernization of the European healthcare industry, several countries and organizations developed EHRbase, an open source software backend for clinical application systems and electronic health records (EHR). 

Based on that vision, the Catalan Health Service asked the Center for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CTTI), the public company that manages and delivers telecommunications, computer systems and services for the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia), to develop a modern EHR system. CTTI required a highly scalable and resilient data platform to deliver on this vision of patient-centric health care. 

After an extensive review process, CTTI chose vitagroup, a German-based health technology specialist for vendor-independent digitalization, whose design included YugabyteDB Anywhere as the core transactional database layer. 

YugabyteDB Anywhere will serve as the key layer to store and unify all of the Catalan health records and support the concurrent access, updates, and use from healthcare professionals including hospitals and general practitioners.

The project will deliver an efficient and future-proof system to store and access healthcare data. By developing a standardized approach, they will accelerate new opportunities to work with relevant partners. More importantly, it will provide a complete overview of patients’ history and current health requirements to reshape and improve the overall healthcare space and the lives of their patients.

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In the past, fragmented and siloed solutions, limited scalability of systems architectures, and inflexibility of proprietary technologies hindered the unification of healthcare records in the region. 

The Catalan Health Service overcame these challenges by selecting CTTI to develop plans for a new modern system, one powered by a scalable and cloud native database. 

As the team was developing a completely new system, they didn’t need to overcome barriers from a previous environment. However, they had clear objectives, requiring a system that could deliver the following:

  • Large Scale: The new electronic health record system needs to be capable of supporting up to 10 million people
  • High Performance: The system needs to accomodate the activity of up to 80,000 healthcare workers simultaneously
  • Open Source: They required a platform that aligns to CTTI’s commitment to open source
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Key Database Requirements

In the final stages of evaluation for the Catalan Health Authority, the CTTI was also considering two other proposals: one powered by open-source PostgreSQL and the other running on MongoDB. In the rigorous testing, neither proposal was able to meet their requirements as comprehensively as vitagroup’s proposal using YugabyteDB Anywhere. 

CTTI’s primary database requirements included:

  • Delivering strong resilience and high availability 
  • Eliminating the scaling restrictions of PostgreSQL
  • Embracing open source to provide vendor independence and future-proofing
  • Supporting Red Hat OpenShift in local data centers
  • Support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents
  • Distributed ACID transactions for strong data consistency
  • Enterprise-class security with data encryption at rest and in motion

YugabyteDB Solution


YugabyteDB Anywhere simplifies deployment and management, increasing DBA efficiency


Delivers high performance for a large volume of concurrent users and scales up without impacting performance


Meets commitment to open source technology and seamlessly deploys on Red Hat OpenShift

“With the strong YugabyteDB partnership, we can reliably serve the largest possible requirements for the project and address the need to lift the scaling restrictions of monolithic PostgreSQL. Another plus: like our HIP CDR, YugabyteDB is built on open source technologies, which gives Catalonia the perfect combination of vendor independence, future-proofing and uncompromising performance.”

Stefan SchrapsVice President Business & Community Management, vitagroup

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