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The Jakarta Smart City (JSC) initiative uses data analytics, IoT devices, and modern digital solutions to modernize the public services in Indonesia’s capital city.


JSC needed a scalable, reliable, and secure database for a new water monitoring service—one that could start small and grow as the project progressed.

JSC chose YugabyteDB Anywhere for its high availability, PostgreSQL compatibility, and scalability. The team was able to seamlessly deploy the database in just 2 days.

JSC chose YugabyteDB Anywhere for its high availability, PostgreSQL compatibility, and scalability. The team was able to seamlessly deploy the database in just 2 days.

Jakarta Smart City seeks a modern database that can deliver scalability, availability, and operational simplicity.

City Skyline - Jakarta Smart City Customer Success Story

Since it’s inception in 2014, Jakarta Smart City (JSC) has been leveraging data analytics, IoT devices, and digital solutions to tackle challenges such as traffic congestion, health services, disaster management, and public safety. Their aim is to create a more sustainable and livable city while fostering transparency and citizen engagement.

The organization recognized the need to monitor Jakarta’s water networks and deploy a new Flood Control System. The IoT-based service continuously monitors at-risk areas and predicts potential flood events, helping citizens prepare for and avoid disaster situations. The system needs to ingest data in real time from over 150 endpoints and serve that data into their AI-based water operations. 

While the team has a strong background with PostgreSQL, they needed a  “modern PostgreSQL” solution that could provide the requisite reliability and scalability levels. PostgreSQL’s single write node offered limited vertical scalability and posed as a single point of failure. Operational simplicity was also crucial due to the team’s small size. 

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  • The traditional database systems they were familiar with from other projects would result in high operational costs and complex vertical scaling.
  • The need to perform offline upgrades meant that maintenance windows had to be proactively communicated and managed.
  • Legacy solutions’ inability to scale on-demand or horizontally mean higher upfront costs, as the initial environment had to be sized based on the best-case scenario for application growth.
  • Unplanned failures and planned disruptions led to gaps in data gathering, impairing meaningful analysis and informed decision-making.
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Key Database Requirements

After researching different distributed SQL database options, Jakarta Smart City selected YugabyteDB Anywhere for it’s ability to deliver the following capabilities:

  • Simplified operations and built-in automation for fast deployment and less ongoing maintenance
  • Core cloud native capabilities with flexibility to deploy on-premises
  • Horizontal scalability that allows them to start small and grow
  • Advanced PostgreSQL compatibility to reduce time to market and leverage existing expertise within the team
  • Support for agile development to simplify the creation of new services

“The [Yugabyte] team has been very supportive in addressing our challenges throughout the life cycle. The distributed nature of products is closely aligned with our vision of continuous modernization. With YugabyteDB we can build a scalable and robust foundation for our smart city initiative to build a Flood Control System.” — Yudhistira Nugraha, Director, Jakarta Smart City

Business Results


data points collected daily


dedicated staff to manage database operations


days to full production deployment

YugabyteDB Solution


Horizontally scale to efficiently grow from a small footprint as service expands

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Leverage team’s existing skills and the highest level of PostgreSQL compatibility to reduce time-to-market


Simplify operations with no full-time staff dedicated to YugabyteDB Anywhere operations