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Best transactional database for ecommerce websites

Narvar is trusted by 650+ retailers and brands to deliver personalized, white-label experiences before and after a purchase.


Narvar was challenged with AWS databases becoming expensive at scale, while customers and data privacy regulations demanded a multi-cloud solution.

lower costs

Narvar switched to YugabyteDB and achieved 4x lower TCO while gaining scale, performance and zero downtime in the process.

Narvar is a B2B SaaS company that enables retailers with the ability to deliver personalized customer experiences based on their own data.

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Narvar combines all the disparate document and relational data a retailer has about a customer from various systems like order management, CRM, billing systems, fulfillment centers, warehouse management and even customer support calls. From this data Narvar creates a unified view of the customer and order for the retailer.

Narvar is trusted by more than 650 retailers and brands. Customers include Nike, Walmart, Gap, Crate & Barrel and more.

Icon: Yugabyte Challenges


  • Retail customers required a multi-cloud solution
  • Skyrocketing AWS DynamoDB costs
  • Challenging to scale on demand to handle Black Friday and Cyber Monday volume
  • GDPR compliance required a multi-region solution

It was easy for our developers to get started with YugabyteDB using the distributed SQL APIs. YugabyteDB eliminated the need for a separate cache and multiple databases, allowing us to roll-out new features a lot quicker.

Yugabyte helped Narvar avoid cloud lock-in, stay GDPR compliant and save money in the process. Partnering with Yugabyte helps us focus on our customers instead of worrying if our systems can keep pace with our rapidly growing business.

UDAY SHANMUGAMChief Architect, Narvar


Yugabyte Solution


Fully managed cluster


Three node, multi-AZ cluster


48 total cores and 6 TB of data

Technical Results


reads per second


writes per second

< 2 ms

read latency

< 10 ms

write latency

Business Results

  • 4x lower TCO vs AWS DynamoDB and PostgreSQL RDS
  • Simplified operations
  • Ability to support multi-cloud per customer requests
  • Low variance in cost per query
  • No service interruptions in traffic spikes
  • Migration from AWS to GCP enabled by YugabyteDB

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Watch this video by Ram Ravichandran, CTO of Narvar, recorded at Distributed SQL Summit on Sept 20, 2019, to see how Yugabyte helped them achieve their goals.

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In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, a strong, flexible data layer is critical for preparedness. Narvar, a leading CX platform for 800+ retailers, faced vendor lock-in, compliance hurdles, and scalability issues. By adopting YugabyteDB, Narvar unlocked 4x lower TCO, zero downtime, multi-cloud capabilities, easy compliance via geo-partitioning – showcasing the power of an adaptable data layer.

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