How Narvar Embraces Flexibility for Compliance, Multi-Cloud, and More

Michael Haag

“Be Prepared.” The Boy Scouts of America’s motto seems more relevant today than ever before. The past few years have taught us that the world can change rapidly. Preparing for the digital future, whether from planned innovations or unexpected scenarios, is a top priority for retail IT executives.

A strong data layer foundation is critical to provide the flexibility and stability to respond to future requirements and needs. While many traditional database systems can prepare you for some scenarios, you need to carefully examine the costs and value. Do you really want to invest time and resources in patching your existing systems — increasing cost and fragility? What is the opportunity cost and how is that really helping your core business?

With a modern, flexible data layer in place, retailers will sleep better at night knowing they can handle changes that include:

  • Multi-Cloud Expansion: Whether for cost savings, to avoid single vendor dependency or simplify because of cloud availability, CIOs strive to gain the freedom to extend business and the underlying data layer anywhere.
  • New Compliance Requirements: New data privacy laws are par for the course now. The right data infrastructure should allow you to distribute data globally and control exactly where the data lives.
  • Performance at Scale: As you deliver cloud native apps and microservices on your systems of record, the right solution will deliver more than scalability. It will also maintain high performance to deliver the best experience to your customers. 

Narvar and its quest for better customer experience

Narvar provides a customer experience SaaS platform trusted by over 800 retailers. These businesses include Sephora, Patagonia, Levi’s, Bose, Warby Parker, Home Depot, LVMH, and L’Oréal to deliver personalized experiences from pre-purchase to in-store touch points and beyond. As their business grew, the team was challenged by a single cloud vendor becoming expensive. Additionally, customer and data regulations demanded a flexible, multi-cloud solution.

Narvar switched to YugabyteDB and achieved 4x lower TCO. They also gained scale, performance, and zero downtime in the process. There were no service disruptions during spikes in traffic. Additionally, Narvar was able to support multiple clouds based on customer requests. The native geo-partitioning capabilities enabled them to easily satisfy the changing compliance landscape.

How a Modern Data Layer Powers Omnichannel Success

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Michael Haag

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