Architecting a Highly Available and Resilient System of Record

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In data management, a system of record is the authoritative source for storing, managing, and retrieving crucial information, ranging from financial ledgers to product catalogs and employee records. It empowers organizations’ critical applications and ensures the integrity and reliability of data-driven decisions.

In this episode of Architecting Data Strategies with YugabyteDB, we are joined by Amey Banarse, VP of field engineering at Yugabyte, to explore the construction of modern systems of record. Using a global retailer’s product catalog as an example, Amey illustrates how they modernized their core system of record for their online store with YugabyteDB’s capabilities around scale, resiliency, and availability.

In this discussion, you’ll discover:

  • Key characteristics that organizations seek in a modern system of record
  • The topology and essential features a Fortune 500 global retailer prioritized for their core database system.
  • How YugabyteDB can be deployed as a system of record and easily  integrates into the broader data ecosystem