YugabyteDB is designed to run anywhere your applications are. The 100% open source distributed SQL database combines familiar PostgreSQL & Cassandra compatible interfaces with cloud native resilience, scale, and geo-distribution.

Choose from a variety of consumption options based on your needs. You can deploy YugabyteDB in EC2 instances, including those with new AWS Graviton processors, or in containers using Kubernetes or services like ECS and EKS. YugabyteDB Managed is a fully managed cloud DBaaS that lets you get started on AWS in minutes with no software to install, configure, or manage.


Deploy the open source distributed SQL DB in your AWS environment.

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YugabyteDB Managed

Start quickly with a fully managed cloud DBaaS in AWS.

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YugabyteDB Anywhere

Deploy database clusters in AWS using a self-managed cloud DBaaS.

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Now Available On The AWS Marketplace

Yugabyte is available on the AWS Marketplace so customers can enjoy streamlined billing and procurement while benefiting from AWS’ world-class privacy, security, and scalability.

Check out  Yugabyte on the AWS Marketplace.

YugabyteDB Now Supports AWS Graviton Processors

Deploy YugabyteDB on EC2 instances powered by AWS Graviton today to enjoy better price performance. Configure AWS Provider Configuration in the YugabyteDB Anywhere product to deploy YugabyteDB on AWS Graviton instances.

Why YugabyteDB and AWS

YugabyteDB is perfect for transactional applications and services that require data to be strongly consistent and highly available even in the face of data center, zone, and region failures.

  • Icon Yugabyte Library Requirements

    PostgreSQL Compatibility

    YugabyteDB is feature compatible with PostgreSQL. This means developers can be immediately productive with the ecosystem of PostgreSQL compatible frameworks, applications, drivers, and tools.

  • YB Icon Lightning Performance

    Continuous Availability

    With YugabyteDB, critical services can remain available during node, zone, region, and data center failures with fast failovers. YugabyteDB heals itself by re-replicating data automatically, and delivers zero downtime on maintenance tasks such as software upgrades, security patching, and distributed backups.

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    YugabyteDB offers the most comprehensive and flexible deployment options in geo-distributed environments. Operators can make use of synchronous and asynchronous data replication and geo-partitioning to achieve desired consistency, resilience, performance, and compliance objectives.

  • YB Icon Distributed SQL

    ACID Transactions

    YugabyteDB delivers a comprehensive set of advanced RDBMS features like triggers, functions, stored procedures, strong secondary indexes, and distributed ACID transactions. Developers no longer need to choose between the horizontal scalability of NoSQL systems and the ACID guarantees of traditional SQL systems.

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