YugabyteDB and AWS Join Forces for Enhanced Security and Savings

Richie Bachala

Yugabyte and AWS are pleased to announce a partnership to drive DBaaS innovation, improve security and reliability, and reduce costs without sacrificing performance. Yugabyte has become an AWS Service Ready Partner for PrivateLink and an AWS Graviton Ready Partner. This underscores how both companies are working together to provide customers with the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective cloud native database solutions.

Yugabyte’s recent designation as an AWS Service Ready Partner for PrivateLink affirms our commitment to meeting the highest standards of security and compliance.

With AWS PrivateLink, Yugabyte customers can now connect to YugabyteDB clusters without exposing their data to the public internet. This is a critical requirement for many enterprises, including those in the financial services, healthcare, and government sectors.

YugabyteDB - AWS Graviton Ready Partner

Connect your YugabyteDB cluster to an application VPC via AWS PrivateLink>>>

AWS Graviton Ready Partner

Yugabyte is also proud to have been first distributed SQL database to achieve AWS Graviton Ready Status and be an AWS Graviton Ready Partner. When deployed on Graviton instances, YugabyteDB users enjoy up to 22% better performance-per-price ratio than comparable x86-based instances. This helps YugabyteDB users significantly reduce cloud costs, without sacrificing performance.

YugabyteDB - AWS Graviton Ready Partner

Flexible Networking Options

AWS offers a range of networking solutions, including PrivateLink, VPC peering, and Transit Gateway. Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice will depend on the customer’s specific needs.

Architecture Deployment pattern sample leveraging AWS PrivateLink services.

Architecture deployment pattern AWS PrivateLink Services

  • PrivateLink: PrivateLink provides a private and secure connection between a customer’s VPC and AWS services, without exposing their data to the public internet. This is a good option for customers with strict security and compliance requirements and is available with YugabyteDB Managed, our fully-managed DBaaS.
  • VPC Peering: VPC peering allows customers to connect two VPCs together so that resources in one VPC can communicate with resources in the other VPC privately. This option is ideal for customers who need to connect multiple VPCs together and is available with Yugabyte Anywhere, our self-managed DBaaS.
  • Transit Gateway: Transit Gateway is a network routing service that makes it easy for customers to connect their VPCs through a central hub in AWS networks privately. This is a good choice for customers with complex networking needs, and is also available with Yugabyte Anywhere.

Learn More

To learn more about the above announcements, listen to the recent discussion I had with Bo Niu, Senior ISV Solution Architect at AWS, at Distributed SQL Summit 2023:

Poster Image

And be sure to check back regularly, as Yugabyte and AWS continue to look for ways to expand our partnership, including developing stronger integration of services, building guides on AWS services that are optimized for YugabyteDB, and exploring vertical-focused solutions, like for the payments industry.

Richie Bachala

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