The Distributed SQL Database for Spring Apps

Use Cases for YugabyteDB and Spring
Retail & E-Commerce
Online Gaming
Financial Services
Time Series Monitoring
Internet of Things
Why YugabyteDB for Spring Apps
High Performance
  • Sub-millisecond read latency
  • Linearly scalable write throughput
  • Multi-TB data density per node
Distributed SQL
  • Auto sharding & rebalancing
  • Massive write scalability & unmatched fault tolerance
  • Global data distribution
Hybrid Cloud
  • Deploy natively on PKS
  • AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure
  • Private data centers
Multi-TB Density
  • Store 10s of TBs per node
  • Keep compute costs low
  • Serve ever-growing data apps
Open Source
  • Apache 2.0 license
  • PostgreSQL Compatible
  • 1-click upgrade to Enterprise
  • Spring microservices
  • Apache Kafka streaming
  • Apache Spark analytics