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Wifi solutions - apps

Plume’s intelligent WiFi platform is used by the world’s largest ISPs.

Database scale

MongoDB was unable to scale and Apache Cassandra was hard to operate.

Large number of nodes data sets - high volume

60 nodes of YugabyteDB supports over 27 billion ops/day and 35TB of data.

Plume delivers WiFi solutions for both the consumer and ISP markets.


Plume enables ISPs to offer smart home and related services to their customers.

The Plume platform is cloud-based and features a fully integrated suite of products including hardware, analytics, integrations, services and mobile tools.

Plume helps ISPs increase monthly ARPU, reduce customer and service calls, plus improved NPS. Customers include Comcast, Sky UK and Bell Canada.

Icon: Yugabyte Challenges


  • MongoDB could not handle increasing volumes of event data
  • Operating and managing MongoDB at scale was time-consuming
  • Switching to Cassandra proved to be expensive and required significant operational resources
  • Apache Cassandra delivered poor latency in the 3-5 second range at scale for the given workload
  • Existing data infrastructure was unable to support the projected 75+ billion operations per day and 85+ TBs of data required in 2020

With Yugabyte’s data infrastructure solution, we are able to scale rapidly. Our partnership means onboarding new customers and maintaining GDPR compliance becomes a competitive advantage.

By migrating to YugabyteDB clusters comprised of a total of 60 nodes, we were now able to process over 27 billion operations per day with the ability to support 75 billion operations next year.

Aman SinglaFounder and Head of Engineering,

Muru GuruswamyPrincipal Data Architect,

Yugabyte Solution


Fully managed YugabyteDB clusters
comprised of 60 nodes

Multi AZ, Multi Region deployment

Deployed on AWS using Plume’s
VPC and partner VPCs

Technical Results


Transactions per second


Dataset size


Read/write latency

Business Results

  • Ready for GDPR in the future
  • Easily onboard new customers
  • Rolling upgrades without downtime
  • Less time spent managing databases and more time spent on core business

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