vs Amazon DynamoDB

Get Amazon DynamoDB's Scale and Performance at 1/10th Cost and 3x Agility.
Use Cases where YugabyteDB beats Amazon DynamoDB
Retail & E-Commerce
Online Gaming
Financial Services
Time Series Monitoring
Internet of Things
Media & Entertainment
Go Beyond DynamoDB, No Additional Cache or RDBMS Needed
Document Model

Highly scalable, fault tolerant, open source SQL store with document data modeling. More built-in goodness than DynamoDB at only 10% of the cost.

Low Latency Reads

Sub-ms latency with built-in distributed cache, no additional expense. DynamoDB requires add-on services such as DAX or ElastiCache to achieve same result.

Global Consistency

Zero data loss writes and strongly consistent reads even across multiple regions. Cluster self-heals in presence of failures. DynamoDB’s expensive global tables add-on can lead to data loss from unpredictable conflict resolution.

ACID Transactions

High performance single row/shard ACID combined with highly reliable distributed ACID to cover multiple workloads. DynamoDB support for transactions is severely limited.

Secondary Indexes

Strongly consistent secondary indexes at global scale. DynamoDB global secondary indexes are eventually consistent and hence are not guaranteed to return correct results.

Linear Scalability

Both databases support auto-sharding and load balancing. However, linear scalability in DynamoDB comes with over-provisioning costs when operating at scale.

Multi-TB Density

Keep compute costs low by storing 10s of TBs per node. Excellent fit for powering ever-growing data apps. DynamoDB only good for small data apps given the 10GB partition limit and hottest-partition-driven total throughput provisioning.

Troubleshooting Ease

Built-in Prometheus monitoring & alerting as well as full access to logs for easy troubleshooting. No more struggles in debugging zone or node failures, network congestion or high read latency.

CI/CD Support

Plug into Kubernetes-based CI/CD pipeline to reliably test every release before production. Local DynamoDB emulator is incomplete while full DynamoDB cluster is cost prohibitive for automation testing.

Why Choose YugabyteDB Over Amazon DynamoDB?
  • Key value, flexible schema & relational data modeling
  • P99 low latency reads
  • Global consistency across regions
  • Multi-shard ACID transactions & consistent secondary indexes
  • Integrated with Apache Spark, Apache Kafka & KSQL
DBAs & Operations
  • Linear scalability without linear operational costs
  • Multi-TB per node data density
  • No separate cache or RDBMS to manage
  • Troubleshoot in production with extreme ease
CEOs & Line of Business Owners
  • Release more and release faster
  • 10x cost savings with on-demand instances
  • 7x cost savings with reserved instances
  • Avoid cloud platform lock-in