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    1. The most complete set of PostgreSQL-compatible features available in a distributed SQL database

    YugabyteDB reuses PostgreSQL’s query layer because of its openness, maturity, and feature completeness. With YugabyteDB, developers get all the PostgreSQL features they know and love—including compatibility with a variety of extensions and tools, plus geo data distribution and high availability capabilities—all in one, developer-friendly distributed SQL database platform. Learn more >

  • YB Icon Lightning Performance

    2. Extraordinary performance at scale, validated across a variety of industry benchmarks

    Designed to deliver high performance at both the query and storage layers, YugabyteDB consistently outperforms CockroachDB across benchmarks like YCSB and sysbench. Learn more >

  • YB Icon Scale-up

    3. Proven in production at massive scale by some of the world’s most innovative enterprises

    Companies who need massive scale find what they need in YugabyteDB. For example, Plume seamlessly handles more than 27 billion IoT-related operations per day against 35 terabytes of data. While Xignite processes over 10 billion financial market-related operations per day, all backed by YugabyteDB. Learn more >

  • YB Icon Multi Region Deployment

    4. The most comprehensive set of multi-region deployment options

    YugabyteDB is a geo-distributed SQL database that can be easily deployed across multiple data centers and/or clouds–whether it’s to bring data close to customers or for compliance reasons. Out of the box, YugabyteDB supports the broadest range of deployment options, including globally-consistent multi-region clusters, read replicas, xCluster asynchronous replication async, and even more options, like row-level geo-partitioning currently in development. Learn more >

  • YB Icon Open Source

    5. 100% open source with a Apache 2.0 license

    We are building the default database for the digital age. Doing so requires that we collaborate and work in the open, alongside customers, users, and partners in the YugabyteDB community. Unlike CockroachDB, we make all of YugabyteDB’s features freely available to all under the Apache 2.0 license. Learn more >

  • YB Icon Distributed SQL

    6. Powers more distributed SQL workloads

    In order to support a diverse range of SQL workloads, YugabyteDB supports two SQL APIs. YSQL, a fully-relational API that is wire compatible with PostgreSQL and YCQL, a flexible-schema API with roots in Apache Cassandra QL, best suited for internet-scale OLTP apps. Learn more >

Benchmarking CockroachDB vs YugabyteDB

These tests were performed using the standard JDBC binding of the YCSB benchmark.

YugabyteDB delivers 3x higher throughput on average

YugabyteDB delivers 4.5x lower latency on average

YugabyteDB performs consistently even at large data sizes

Meet our happy customers

  • We evaluated CockroachDB, but decided to go with YugabyteDB because we got 3x better performance with fewer resources, while avoiding the significant hiccups in latency we saw with CockroachDB.

    James Hartig
    Co-Founder, Admiral

  • When it comes to providing solutions that make blockchain and cryptocurrencies safe and secure, CipherTrace’s customers require immediate and accurate results when querying large data sets. We were able to quickly switch from DataStax Enterprise to YugabyteDB which offered more compelling features for our developers. Features like global secondary indexes, multi-terabyte data node density and pagination support.

    Shannon Holland
    Chief Technical Officer, Ciphertrace

  • Our stack has been redesigned to be cloud native, microservices based and running both on-premises and on public clouds. We have been leveraging YugabyteDB as the distributed SQL database running natively inside Kubernetes to power the business-critical apps that require scale and high availability.

    Sriram Samu
    VP Engineering, Customer Technology, Kroger

YugabyteDB supports more
SQL features

More SQL compatibility means greater productivity out of the box




Expression-based indexes

Partial indexes

Table functions

Stored procedures (SQL, pl-pgsql)

Advanced operators and built-ins (multidimensional arrays, jsonb_agg(), jsonb_to_record(), etc.)

User-defined types
Temporary tables
Row level security
Column level privileges
Support for PostgreSQL extensions

*YugabyteDB only reuses the query layer of PostgreSQL, so it currently only supports extensions that use the query layer

Watch the webinar to see how YugabyteDB Compares

View this video for a technical deep-dive with Karthik Ranganathan, CTO of Yugabyte, to compare in detail the latest benchmarks, architecture, and PostgreSQL compatibility features of CockroachDB and YugabyteDB.

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